recipe[By cooking method]13 recommended recipes made with high-class fish "Amberjack"

recipe[By cooking method]13 recommended recipes made with high-class fish “Amberjack”

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[Sashimi / Aemono]6 recommended recipes for amberjack

1. Bake quickly.Easy tapping of amberjack

Tataki of amberjack served on a white plate


If you want to enjoy amberjack simply, we recommend tataki. The trick to making it delicious is to bake it in a frying pan and then soak it in ice water. Add plenty of condiments such as Japanese ginger, green onions, and perilla to the elegant, moderately greasy amberjack.

2. For snacks.Amberjack and avocado tartar

Amberjack tartare served on a round plate


Why don’t you make “tartar” with amberjack, which is cut into small pieces of sashimi and mixed with sauce? When eaten with tomatoes and avocados, various textures and flavors spread throughout the mouth. Season with soy sauce or olive oil. It will be a snack that goes well with both wine and sake.

3. Cooking time 10 minutes.Amberjack flavored with vegetables

Amberjack flavored vegetables served in a glass bowl


It’s a simple recipe that just mixes flavored vegetables and amberjack. The point is to cut all the ingredients to the same size. The texture will improve and the appearance will be beautiful. It is recommended to use white seasoning so that the colors of amberjack and amberjack will shine.

4. Refreshing.Amberjack and perilla carpaccio

Amberjack and perilla carpaccio served on pottery


A carpaccio recipe with a refreshing scent of perilla. The white flesh of amberjack, the red of tomatoes, and the green of the perilla are beautiful, and it is also recommended for hospitality. Once the whole is mixed quickly, dress it just before eating.

5. Accented with vinegar and soy sauce.Japanese-style carpaccio of amberjack

Japanese-style carpaccio of amberjack lined up on a wood plate


The carpaccio served with vinegar and soy sauce dressing with garlic has a different Japanese taste. Carpaccio is often matched with Western food, but if it is made into Japanese style, it is perfect as an appetizer for sushi and tempura. A flavorful dressing is the best match for amberjack with a light taste.

6. Coriander is the decisive factor!Amberjack ethnic salad

Amberjack ethnic salad served on a round plate


A sashimi salad with a gorgeous appearance that has a great impact. It has the flavor of coriander and lemon, so it’s easy to eat even if you don’t like sashimi. Since it is mixed with the dressing and then served, the taste is evenly finished. How about matching it with a spicy ethnic dish?

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