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recipe[15 selections by ingredients]Easy and delicious ♪ Warm sweets that will warm your body and soul


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3 warm sweets recipes made with[ginger]

1. A mellow scent. Ginger Douhua

Spicy ginger bean flowers served on pottery, teapots, bricks, etc. are lined up


A recipe for ginger syrup, a popular Taiwanese dessert, Douhua. Warm syrup is exceptionally delicious on tofu that is as smooth as tofu. The gorgeous scent of jasmine tea and spicy ginger are elegant and perfect for adult tea time.

2. Hot and plump.Rich ginger souffle

Ginger souffle in a white cocotte

Source:E ・ Recipe

A souffle recipe that adds ginger to custard cream. A perfect balance of rich cream and the spiciness of ginger. Freshly baked souffle has a crispy surface and is fluffy when you put a spoon in it. It will shrink when it cools down, so let’s get hot.

3. With hot water ♪ Apple and ginger syrup

Apple and ginger syrup in a glass jar

Photo by macaroni

It is convenient to make syrup for boiling apples, ginger, sugar, etc. If you divide it with hot water or tea, you can use it from the core of your body. Even if you use plenty of ginger, the sweet and sour taste of the apples is dissolved in it, so I’m happy that it’s not spicy. Why don’t you try it with the whole family?

3 warm sweets recipes made with[red beans]

4. 3 ingredients!Azuki bean rice cake with scrap powder

Azuki bean rice cake with scrap powder served on pottery


This is a recipe for Japanese sweets made from red bean paste, scrap powder, and milk. Kudzu powder hardens at room temperature, so if you want to warm your body, it is recommended to leave it as it is. You can enjoy the gentle sweetness and warmth by heating the finished black honey in the microwave for a while and then sprinkling it.

5. Vietnamese sweets ♪ Banana and red bean chae

Banana and red bean chae served in an Asian-style bowl


Enjoy the traditional Vietnamese dessert “Che” with warm coconut milk. The secret salt enhances the sweetness of coconut milk. At home, it is standard to add mung beans and potatoes to make a lot of ingredients. It’s delicious even if you add your favorite fruit or shiratama dumplings.

6. Plenty of sesame seeds.White sesame zenzai

White sesame zenzai in a black bowl

Source:E ・ Recipe

Add sesame seeds to Zenzai, one of the warm Japanese sweets, for a rich flavor. White sesame is used in the recipe, but black sesame is also OK. Warm the azuki beans in advance and serve them with freshly baked mochi to make them hot.


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