recipe With two ingredients.Old-fashioned milk cake

recipe With two ingredients.Old-fashioned milk cake

With two ingredients.Old-fashioned milk cake

15 minutes

Nostalgic taste. Introducing the recipe and how to make “old-fashioned milk cake” with a video. I made a nostalgic milk cake using condensed milk and skim milk. You can easily make it by mixing the ingredients and heating in the microwave. The crispy texture and the gentle taste of milk are addictive. It is a perfect item for a snack.

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(For 2-3 people)

  • skim milk
  • condensed milk

How to make


Put condensed milk and skim milk in a bowl and mix well.

[How to make]Milk cake


When it comes together, scissors it with a parchment paper and stretch it with a rolling pin.

[How to make]Milk cake


Place it on a heat-resistant plate and heat it in a microwave oven at 600W for 1 minute while sandwiching it between the cooking sheets.

[How to make]Milk cake


After taking it out, smooth it with a rolling pin while it is still hot, and cut it to the size you like. When the heat is removed, it is complete.

[How to make]Milk cake

Tips and points

・ Adjust the heating time of the microwave according to the situation.
・ When the dough cools, it becomes difficult to stretch it with a rolling pin. Work while it is hot.

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