recipe With one frying pan!Easy roast beef & onion sauce recipe

recipe With one frying pan!Easy roast beef & onion sauce recipe

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Roast beef onion sauce made in a frying pan

Cutting roast beef

※The image is an image.

Roast beef that decorates the table for Christmas and New Year. You may have the image that it is difficult to make.

So, I asked a registered dietitian, Miwako Kojima, to teach me a simple and delicious roast beef and sauce recipe that can be done with just one frying pan!

Authentic roast beef with just one frying pan! Don’t miss the easy and rich onion sauce that goes well with roast beef ♪

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

・ Beef thigh (block) …… 400g

・ Salt …… 1/2 teaspoon

・ Black pepper: A little

・ Olive oil (for sprinkling on meat) …… 1 teaspoon

・ Olive oil (for baking) …… 2 teaspoons

・ Onion (peeled) …… 1/2 (100g)

・ Vinegar …… 1 tablespoon

・ Sugar …… 2 teaspoons

・ Sake …… 1 tablespoon

・ Soy sauce …… 1 tablespoon

・ Water …… 3 tablespoons

・ Watercress …… Appropriate

How to choose beef

Choose beef thighs that are as thick and rectangular as possible. It is easy to bake and can prevent raw burning and passing by fire.

How to make

Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the beef, sprinkle with olive oil, and leave it at room temperature for about 30 minutes.

Beef must be warmed to room temperature before baking. If it stays cold, it may not be cooked evenly to the center.

How to make

Add oil to a frying pan and heat on medium heat, add beef, and bake all sides (6 sides) for 30 seconds each while rotating the meat. The small surface is unstable, so bake while holding it with tongs.

How to make

Reduce the heat to low and bake the four large sides for another 30 seconds each. Bake for 8 minutes while rotating, turn off the heat once and check the degree of fire. As shown in the picture below, pierce the center of the meat with a fork, pull it out after 10 seconds, and put the fork on the back of your hand to make it warm.

Set the heat to medium heat and bake for 3 minutes while rotating the 4 sides for 30 seconds each. After reprinting, proceed to step 4.

How to make

At the end, turn to high heat and bake all sides for 10 seconds each to raise the surface temperature. Immediately after taking it out, wrap it in aluminum foil, leave it in a warm place indoors such as near a gas stove for about 20 minutes, and heat it with residual heat.

By wrapping it in aluminum foil, it will be finished in a uniform pink color to the center.

How to make

Grate the onion.

Wipe off the oil from the frying pan where the meat is roasted (do not wash it because the umami remains), add vinegar and sugar, and heat it to remove the water (see the photo below for how it is boiled down). When it is boiled, add the onion and let it boil while mixing. Add sake, soy sauce, water, and gravy accumulated in 4 aluminum foil, and simmer for 30 seconds while mixing.

How to make

Cut the meat, sprinkle with 6 sauces and add watercress.


Try the simple roast beef that you can make in a frying pan with onion sauce.


Miwako Oshima

After graduating from Kagawa Nutrition University, after working on product development at a food company and clinical nutrition guidance at a university hospital, etc., established Quality Life Service Co., Ltd. Planning and development of dietary habits improvement health guidance programs for workers.

In addition to appearing on TV, radio and magazines, he is also in charge of various training instructors such as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s practical instructor training program development working members, THP instructor training specialized training and occupational health guidance specialized training. ..

In addition, we plan a business that enhances QOL in the field of eating habits that makes use of the expertise of registered dietitians, from creating the concept of promotion and content that enhances the value of health products and services and appealing power, to developing programs that are more effective.・ Deploying.

Last updated: 2020.11.25

Text / Photo: Miwako Kojima Supervision: Miwako Kojima, Kagome


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