recipe What do you make for Valentine?30 Recommended Recipes for Home Rice

recipe What do you make for Valentine?30 Recommended Recipes for Home Rice

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My sons are independent and are looking for ways to spend their days with their husband and daughter (M Dax) in a delicious and enjoyable way ♪ Specializing in time-saving recipes cultivated during the working mother era. I also love tableware and cooking appliances!

Excellent photo quality!5 fashionable appetizers and soup recipes

1. Fluffy.Hanpen’s Valentine Canapé

Hanpen canapes with cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs and mushrooms


Start your Valentine’s dinner with a lovely canapé. The fluffy, creamy hanpen and topping ingredients create a delicious harmony. It goes great with champagne and wine.

2. US style Valentine.Cocoa bacon candy

White plate with bacon sprinkled with cocoa and black pepper


Bacon baked with cocoa powder is a new hors d’oeuvre. The finished black pepper accents the taste. Even those who are not good at chocolate can enjoy Valentine’s Day, which is perfect for wine!

3. Great impact!Heart cercle salad

Octopus salad in a heart-shaped radish


Make a heart-shaped bowl of red-skinned radish “Lady Salad” and serve octopus marinade. It’s easy, but it has a big impact on the appearance! Imagine the main dish in the future, and it’s an hors d’oeuvre that keeps you excited.

4. Valentine’s Day specifications.Caprese of the heart

Tomato caprese with heart cheese and basil sauce

Source:E ・ Recipe

A twist on caprese that uses tomato, cheese, and basil. Simply hollow out the cheese into a heart and sprinkle with basil sauce to create a different Valentine’s day caprese. If you prepare the ingredients, you can make it in about 10 minutes, so you can spend time making main dishes and desserts ♪

5. Pink is cute ♪ Beet potage

White plate of beet potage with heart decorated with fresh cream


Potage made from bright red beets will be finished in a cute pink color with milk and fresh cream. Perfect for the Valentine’s course. If you pour the potage into a white soup cup, it will definitely look great. Please top the heart with whipped cream.

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6. Ingenuity to the usual taste.Valentine hamburger

A white plate with a heart-shaped hamburger and garnished spinach and corn

Source:E ・ Recipe

If you make a hamburger steak for the main dinner, you will surely be pleased. A heart shape is a must for Valentine’s Day. The sauce with red wine has an adult taste. How about a heart-shaped carrot glacé as a side dish?

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