recipe Try at home!Let's make a haori pattern cookie of the popular "Kimetsu no Yaiba"

recipe Try at home!Let’s make a haori pattern cookie of the popular “Kimetsu no Yaiba”

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Challenge icing! How to make “Kimetsu no Yaiba Cookie” (Cooking time: 120 minutes)

Three types of

Photo by Raico

This is an icing cookie recipe with the motif of the haori worn by the character of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Color the base cookie, icing it, and draw a haori pattern. Let’s make it easily and enjoyably using icing sugar powder that is also available at 100-yen shops.

Things to prepare

Ingredients for Kimetsu no Yaiba cookie placed on the table

Photo by Raico

・ Cookie dough
・ Food coloring (red, yellow, green)
・ White and black icing

For the base dough, we recommend die-cut cookies that are easy to icing. This time, I made it with 1.5 times the amount, referring to the following video recipe. It is enough to make about 30 5 x 5 cm squares. Each cookie will be colored and baked, so be prepared to let the dough lie down.

Make colored cookies

Cookie dough and colored powder in a bowl

Photo by Raico

1. Add food coloring to each of the basic cookie dough divided into three equal parts. Add little by little from 1 to 2 swings and adjust to the desired color. Please add the food coloring as it is, not in water.

Tanjiro → Green pigment
Mameko (Nezuko) → Red pigment
Goodness → Yellow pigment and red pigment (small amount)

A lot of green cookies are lined up

Photo by Raico

2. On the lap1Scissors, roll out to a thickness of 4 to 5 mm with a rolling pin, pull out with your favorite mold and bake in the oven. After baking, place it on a net and let it cool. Prepare the remaining two colors in the same way.

Get ready for icing

Icing can be easily made by adding water using icing sugar powder, which can be purchased at confectionery material stores and 100-yen shops. Prepare two colors of icing, white and black.


・ Icing sugar powder white …… 15g
・ Icing sugar powder black …… 25g
・ Water …… Appropriate amount (1/2 teaspoon for white, 3/4 teaspoon for black is a guide)


・ OPP sheet (for cake wrapping) or cooking sheet
・ Spray bottle or dropper
・ Toothpicks or disposable chopsticks

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