recipe This is the taste of autumn!Easy recipe with sweet potatoes

recipe This is the taste of autumn!Easy recipe with sweet potatoes

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The charm of sweet potatoes

Valuable ingredients from ancient times

Valuable ingredients from ancient times

I’m not the only one who has eaten potato pumpkins this season! So this time, I focused on seasonal sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes have been cultivated as a valuable food since ancient times. Columbus introduced it to Europe, and it is said that cultivation began in Japan from the Edo period. Probably the excellence as a crop, which grows well even on thin land, was useful.

Rich in dietary fiber to fill your stomach

Sweet potato Italian.jpg

Photo by Chori Mama

The main ingredient is starch. When heated, some of it turns into sugar and becomes sweeter. Even baby food can be used from the beginning, so I feel that it is widely eaten by small children.

It has a low calorie of about one-third that of rice and wheat, and is rich in vitamin C. When it comes to sweet potatoes, many people think of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is abundant in the skin, so if you want to get nourishment, get the whole skin. It also contains relatively minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and copper (* 1).

Store in a cool and dark place

Store in a cool and dark place

Plump and heavy, with a glossy skin is evidence of freshness. The point of selection is that the skin is not wrinkled and is not too dry.

Since it is sensitive to low temperatures, it is recommended to wrap it in newspaper and store it in a cool and dark place rather than refrigerating it. Wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator. Let’s eat up as soon as possible.

It is also useful for making and lunch boxes


Photo by Chori Mama

It is a bright yellow color with a good color and does not contain a lot of water, so it is a good ingredient for making and lunch boxes.

If you use it as a sandwich ingredient, it will be a perfect score to eat! Simply butter and salt are sweet and delicious, so I’m wondering whether to make the best use of the ingredients or arrange them.

Which one do you like?Popular sweet potato varieties

Sweet potato french toast.jpg

Photo by Chori Mama

Now, before you actually eat such sweet potatoes, let’s keep in mind the characteristics of popular varieties.

“Red Azuma” is a variety that is widely cultivated in eastern Japan, mainly in Chiba and Ibaraki prefectures. It is hard to boil, the skin is red, the contents are dark yellow, and the sweetness is strong. Taking advantage of its sweetness, it is often used for confectionery (* 2).

“Naruto Kintoki” is a brand variety of Tokushima prefecture. The contents are pale yellow, and it is a sweet potato that is popular for its elegant sweetness and beautiful stir-fry. It has a moderate sweetness and good taste, and when heated, it turns bright yellow, making it suitable for Kuri-kinton (* 2).

Purple potato potato.jpg

Photo by Chori Mama

In addition, “Purple Sweet Road”, which turns bright purple when heated, is also a popular variety.

There was another variety that you shouldn’t forget! Tanegashima’s special product “Anno potato”. The orange flesh has a strong sweetness and is characterized by a sticky texture. You can enjoy the taste of the finest sweets just by baking (* 1).

What is the best way to bake? Verify the finish with 3 patterns

What is the best way to bake? Verify the finish with 3 patterns

Speaking of how to eat sweet potatoes, the first thing that comes to mind is grilling. How do you cook when you make grilled potatoes at home?

In the oven to find a way to make more delicious grilled potatoes at homeTemperature setting and baking timeI tried to verify how the finish changes with.

Roasted sweet potatoes are sweetened because a digestive enzyme called β-amylase acts on starch gelatinized by heating to produce maltose (sweetness component) (* 3). It is said that the temperature at which this change occurs is about 70 degrees. In other words, keeping this temperature for a long time is the key to making sweet and delicious baked goods.

Yakiimo verification.jpg

Photo by Chori Mama

I washed the sweet potatoes together with the skin and baked them in an oven without preheating. 3 patterns with different temperature and time, from the left of the above image

250 ℃ / 50 minutes
220 ℃ / 60 minutes
180 ℃ / 80 minutes


There may be individual differences in sweet potatoes, and it’s just my personal impression, but the impressions of each are as follows.

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