recipe The strongest rice thief in history.  Forbidden recipe of "Menta sesame oil pickled rice bowl"[Buzzing rice vol.1]

recipe The strongest rice thief in history. Forbidden recipe of “Menta sesame oil pickled rice bowl”[Buzzing rice vol.1]

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“Buzzing rice” from macaroni has started!

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A convenient era where recipes can be viewed anytime, anywhere as long as there is an internet environment. SNS is now becoming a treasure trove of easy and delicious recipes.

So, devised by macaroni “Rice you want to buzz on SNS” This project started to make. We will deliver recipes that appeal to your stomach, with about 5 easily available ingredients as a guide so that you can read the article and take on the challenge easily!

This time, the first installment, a fascinating rice thief using mentaiko and sesame oil. Everyone, please prepare freshly cooked rice and have a look.

This article was made …

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Culinary and author: muccinpurin (macaroni writer)

Former pastry chef and Asian cook. With over 10,000 followers on Instagram, he specializes in “quick stomach-grabbing recipes”.

Planning staff: Mochiko (Director in charge of trends)
A foodie of the editorial department who eats from a public bar in downtown to a high-class sushi restaurant. I like devilish recipes with butter and garlic.

Spirited away over rice thieves … Recipe for “Menta sesame oil pickled rice bowl”

A table with menta-zuke bowl and clay pot

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White rice and mentaiko are a name combination that does not require explanation. I also added Korean seaweed and sesame oil to make a macaroni-style infinite bowl.The rice disappears without you realizing it, as if you were spirited away……! It’s a moment!

Only 5 ingredients!

Mentaiko, egg, Korean seaweed, sesame oil

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(For 1 person)
・ Spicy cod roe …… 1/2
・ Sesame oil …… Appropriate amount
・ Korean seaweed …… 2-3 sheets
・ Egg yolk …… 1 piece
・ Rice …… 1 set

* Flake type seaweed can be used as a substitute.

The procedure is 2 steps!

1. Soak mentaiko in sesame oil

Mentaiko soaked in sesame oil

Photo by muccinpurin

Put the cut mentaiko in a clean container and pour enough sesame oil to soak it. Soak in the refrigerator for 6 hours to half a day for your favorite time. If you use a small container, the amount of sesame oil will be small.

* The recipe introduces one serving, but mentaiko is pickled a lot.

Wrapped in a bowl containing mentaiko soaked in sesame oil

Photo by muccinpurin

If you drop a small piece of wrap or cooking paper and use it as a lid, the taste will become familiar with less oil.

2. Top the freshly cooked rice with ingredients

Rice with mentaiko, Korean seaweed, and egg yolk

Photo by muccinpurin

It is made by pouring freshly cooked rice, topping it with torn Korean seaweed, mentaiko soaked in sesame oil, and egg yolk. Sprinkle white sesame seeds and chopped green onions to add color.

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