recipe The strongest combination makes rice go ♪ 4 exquisite snacks of Kim cheese

recipe The strongest combination makes rice go ♪ 4 exquisite snacks of Kim cheese

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Rice that children will be happy to make for their daughter. A side dish that goes well with rice, made for her husband. A snack that goes well with sake. Introducing recipes to eat deliciously with standard ingredients.

Toast with Kim cheese’s Yamitsuki snacks.

Kim Cheese Yamituki Snacks 4 Items

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Kimchi and cheese … It’s the strongest combination that makes you sick when you start eating. In this article, we will introduce 4 snacks made from these 2 ingredients.

A well-balanced appetizer that makes the spicy taste of kimchi mellow with cheese. There is no doubt that the chopsticks will advance. Also, kimchi and cheese are both fermented foods, so they go well together. Kimchi capsaicin is warm from the inside, so it goes well with cold sake!

1. Happiness with a bite …? “Kim Cheese Chijimi”

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Kim cheese chijimi that finishes the surface crispy. The cheese melts inside, and when you eat a bite, your mouth overflows with happiness.

Let’s have it refreshed with ponzu. If you like spicy seasoning, add chili oil.

Material (1 sheet)

・ Chinese cabbage kimchi …… 80g → Lightly drain and cut appropriately
・ Leek …… 1/2 bundle → Cut into 3 cm width
・ Sesame oil …… 1.5 tablespoons
A cake flour …… 50g
A potato starch …… 1.5 tablespoons
A water …… 80ml
B Granules Japanese style …… 1 teaspoon
B Pizza cheese …… about 3 tablespoons

How to make

1. In a bowlAIf you put in and mixBAdd kimchi and leek and mix roughly.

2. Put sesame oil in a frying pan warmed on medium heat1Pour in and spread throughout. Bake for 2 to 3 minutes and when it becomes brown, turn the frying pan over and bake in the same way.

3. When it becomes brown, cut it into a size that is easy to eat and serve it in a bowl.I will add ponzu

2. Volume side dish! “Kim cheese meat roll fried”

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The fried pork, which goes well with kimchi, is wrapped in cheese and kimchi, and is full of volume. Wrap green beans and asparagus together to add color!

Ingredients (for 2 people * 3)

・ Pork loin sliced ​​meat …… 9 pieces (about 150-180g)
・ Grilled seaweed …… 3 pieces (cut into 8 cm long and 6 cm wide)
・ Chinese cabbage kimchi …… 70-80g
・ Processed cheese …… 1 piece (cut into 3 equal parts vertically)
・ Green beans …… 9 bottles (frozen products are OK. If you use raw beans, boil them in salt)
・ Salt …… Appropriate amount
・ Flour …… Appropriate amount
・ Beat egg …… 1 piece
・ Bread crumbs …… Appropriate amount

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