recipe The hired Gapao shop charges! Tips for making "Krung Siam Nakameguro" style Gapao rice

recipe The hired Gapao shop charges! Tips for making “Krung Siam Nakameguro” style Gapao rice

Writer : Johnny


In addition to being a freelance photographer, I work as a writer and editor. With a diet centered on curry and set meals, every day I go to Daikanyama “Suezen”.

The first Gapao exploration store of a rental Gapao shop

In the previous article, I introduced how to make Gapao Rice from Johnny, a hired Gapao shop. However, it is also true that the recipe is not yet convincing. So I went to one of the leading Thai restaurants in Tokyo!

This time, I visited the authentic Thai restaurant “Krung Siam Nakameguro” in Nakameguro. Actually, the reason I opened the hired Gapao shop was because of the first Gapao rice I ate at Krungsiam!

A chef from Thailand has taught me how to make Gapao rice, which can be said to be the origin of the hired Gapao shop!

Authentic Thai restaurant “Krung Siam Nakameguro”

Exterior of Krung Siam Nakameguro store with

Photo by johnny

5 minutes walk from Nakameguro station. Located in an outing spot lined with apparel shops, it is crowded with many customers when it opens.

It has a reputation for casually enjoying authentic Thai food, and has gained a lot of support from people working in the Nakameguro area.

Inside the Krung Siam Nakameguro store

Photo by johnny

The interior of the store has an exotic atmosphere, and it has an exotic atmosphere where the clerk and the chef interact in the dashing Thai language. There is also a counter seat, so even one person can easily enter.

In addition to Gapao rice, we have a lineup of authentic Thai dishes such as Tom Yum Kung, Khao Man Gai, and green curry. You can also enjoy Thai sake, which is rare in Japan.

Tips for making Gapao Rice, taught by a chef from Thailand

Thai chef working at Krung Siam

Photo by johnny

Until now, I used to imitate the taste by going through it (I’m sorry!) Finally, I was able to ask how to make it directly, so I tried hard to study Thai! However, it cannot be understood by just a little study …

Through an interpreter, I asked a chef from Thailand to teach me the points to make Gapao rice delicious. Cop’n car!

The point is the slightly addictive seasoning “See You Dam”

It seems that a spoon is attached to a Thai seasoning called Sea Udam in a bowl

Photo by johnny

The first thing I was interested in was what kind of seasoning was used.

At Krung Siam, some seasonings are mixed and seasoned in advance.Based on sweet and salty light-mouthed sea-yu-dam with sugar and dark-mouthed sea-yu-dam with sweetness like black honeyIt seems that it has become. What is Sea You Dam in the first place? When I look at the ingredient label, it’s almost the same as Japanese soy sauce. It’s like soy sauce whose taste is adjusted with sugar and salt.

When I licked it a little, I felt the sweetness of sugar and the slightly salty astringency, and I was surprised to say “It’s the flavor of Gapao of Krungsiam!”

The chef says “The salty agumi (miscellaneous taste) is the Thai foodWhat is it? I used to use Nampula and oyster sauce, but I wonder if I’ll switch to Sea Udam in the future …

Roughly cut minced chicken and cut vegetables into even bite size

Minced chicken, basil and paprika lined up

Photo by johnny

Ingredients for Gapao Rice in Krungsiam
・ Roughly ground chicken
・ Skewered onions
・ Shredded peppers (green / red)
・ Holy Basil 20g

The minced chicken used in Gapao Rice in Krungsiam is slightly coarsely ground.It is easier to get a crispy finish than finely ground onesThat’s right. I used to use ready-made minced meat from supermarkets and butcher shops for minced chicken, but I was worried that water would come out. Let’s mince ourselves properly in the future …

The basics are completed with high heat “Ja! Ja! Juwa!”!

It looks like you are cooking Gapao

Photo by johnny

When I showed you the cooking process, I added vegetables (Ja!), Minced chicken (Ja!), And seasonings (Juwa!), And it was almost complete! Finally, add basil, fry lightly, and serve.

It only takes a few minutes from the start of frying to serving! It was completed in no time by the work of lightly cooking with basic high heat! When I asked the chef, “Can I do it so fast?” At a speed faster than I had imagined, he said, “Lunch time is even faster!”

It seems that Gapao rice is served

Photo by johnny

The point when frying isLeave the texture without overcooking the vegetablesthing, Boil down the water of the seasoning a little and blow it off.That’s right. I used to chop it roughly, but I decided to change it to a bite-sized cut.

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