recipe The crunchy texture of dumplings is addictive!12 Recommended Soup Arrangement Recipes

recipe The crunchy texture of dumplings is addictive!12 Recommended Soup Arrangement Recipes

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My sons are independent and are looking for ways to spend their days with their husband and daughter (M Dax) in a delicious and enjoyable way ♪ Specializing in time-saving recipes cultivated during the working mother era. I also love tableware and cooking appliances!

[Japanese style]4 recipes for soup dumplings

1. Plenty of shellfish flavor.Clam and dumpling soup

White bowl with clam and dumpling soup sprinkled with green onions

Source:E ・ Recipe

The umami of the clams dissolves in the soup stock, making it a deep-tasting dumpling. Commercially available dumplings are OK! Sprinkle plenty of green onions on the condiments and enjoy the heat. This soup is perfect for breakfast.

2. The chin is easy.Water dumpling egg soup


A soup that warms your body warmly. The gentle flavor of the grilled chin soup stock makes the rice go well. The fluffy beaten egg is what puts the dumplings and spinach together. It is recommended for a midnight snack when you have no appetite or when you are hungry.

3. A lot of mushrooms.Simple water dumpling soup

Japanese plate with gyoza soup containing enoki mushrooms and green onions


A dish that uses frozen dumplings and is a great help on a busy day. The simple seasoned soup contains plenty of enoki mushrooms and green onions. When making dumplings, wrap them in a large amount for soup and freeze them for easy remake. As soon as you come up with it, you will have a delicious dumpling soup.

4. The feeling of tortoise is addictive.Gomoku soup dumplings


A thick soup dumpling recipe that doesn’t cool down over time. Ginger squeezed juice is accented with soy sauce and granule soup stock. The corn and beaten egg give it a gentle taste. The green beans and pink kamaboko make it look colorful. The effect of ginger will warm you up.

[Western style]1 selection of soup dumpling recipe

5. It goes well with bread.Tuna tomato soup dumplings


Dumplings made from tuna cans and cabbage have a refreshing taste. The tomato flavor makes the soup refreshing. It goes well with bread, so it’s perfect for breakfast. If you bring the pot to the table, each family member can enjoy as much as they like.

[Chinese style]5 recipes for soup dumplings

6. Plenty of vegetables and vermicelli.Hot water dumpling pot

Vegetable and vermicelli dumpling pot in a clay pot


Mizuna, carrots, and gyoza hotpot with plenty of vermicelli are full of volume. It’s a simple soup with only Chinese seasonings and soy sauce, so chopsticks go well. If you want to change the taste, drop a special Namul who. The flavor of sesame adds richness.

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