recipe Sue's macaroni salad! Easy and quick "Chicken gratin"

recipe Sue’s macaroni salad! Easy and quick “Chicken gratin”

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1kg 280 yen!Let’s make gratin with large-capacity macaroni salad of Sue

Macaroni salad at a commercial supermarket

Photo by a.jinja

Speaking of business supermarkets, it is attracting attention as a major role in saving food expenses, especially among housewives, but among them, “macaroni salad” is a popular product. There are many scenes where it is introduced that there are various arrangement methods, not just as a salad.

Before I knew it, the gratin using this macaroni salad became a standard at my home, and I made a recipe so that I could arrange it further!

It is a saving and time saving recipe that can be done for about 80 yen per person even if combined with other ingredients ♪

Ingredients (4 servings) * 1 18 x 18 gratin dish

Ingredients for macaroni gratin

Photo by a.jinja

・ Macaroni salad …… 1/3 bag (350g)
・ White sauce …… 350g * Recipe available. Commercially available
・ Chicken thigh …… 1 piece (200g)
・ Salt and pepper …… Slightly
・ Pumpkin …… 100g
・ Pizza cheese …… 50g
・ Bread crumbs …… 1 tablespoon
・ Dried parsley …… Slightly

How to make

1. Burn the ingredients in the microwave

The process of putting ingredients in a bowl and microwave

Photo by a.jinja

Put chicken cut into small pieces in a bowl, sprinkle with salt and pepper, put pumpkin cut into small pieces on it, wrap it, and microwave at 600w for 4 minutes. It’s ok if the skewers slip into the pumpkin.

2. Layer macaroni salad, ingredients, and white sauce in that order.

Before putting macaroni gratin cheese

Photo by a.jinja

In a heat-resistant container, stack macaroni salad 1/2 → ingredients 1/2 → white sauce 1/2 in this order, and repeat this to put all.

Put cheese on it, wrap it and heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes to warm the whole thing.

I'm wrapping the gratin before baking

Photo by a.jinja

After putting the cheese on it, warm it well in the microwave and bake it. This will greatly reduce the time it takes to put it in the oven.

4. Place bread crumbs and brown in oven or toaster.

Gratin is ready

Photo by a.jinja

The ingredients inside are ready to be eaten, so all you have to do is make a delicious browning! If the bread crumbs are burnt to a golden brown color at a high temperature such as 230 degrees for an oven or 1200 w for a toaster, it is complete.

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