recipe Spinach is a big success!Easy cream pasta you want to eat this winter

recipe Spinach is a big success!Easy cream pasta you want to eat this winter

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Spinach cream pasta that you want to make delicious because it is a classic

Photo by Ryogo

Hello, this is Ryogo.
I made cream pasta using spinach, which is in season in winter.

Some people may be shy to say that cream pasta is difficult to make by yourself, but you can make it without such complicated materials and processes.

Really? If you think, please watch the video below first.

How was it?
I think the materials and processes were easier than I expected.

By the way, in the video, I used ordinary spinach sold at supermarkets all year round, but personally I recommend using chijimi spinach, which is only available at this time of year.

The sweetness is different from that of ordinary spinach, and it will be very delicious when used for pasta.

Then, I will introduce the points to make delicious from the following.

Point 1: Expose to water to remove lye

Spinach in a colander and people who work

Photo by Ryogo

First, cut the spinach into pieces that are easy to eat, and then put them in a bowl filled with water. I made a ridiculous mistake in the video, but if you’re curious, check it out (laughs). It feels like you’re soaking it while you’re doing other work.

At this time, if you put a colander between the bowl and spinach, it will be easier to drain the water.

Point 2: Remove the garlic sprouts (if you care)

Show garlic sprouts

Photo by Ryogo

There are sprouts in the center of the garlic. This is a part that burns easily when heated, so it is better to remove it.

Frying ingredients in a frying pan

Photo by Ryogo

Fry the ingredients in oil with the aroma of garlic. Add bacon, shimeji mushrooms, and spinach in that order to the frying pan for smoothness.

Spinach should be entwined with oil and proceed to the next process.

Point 3: Easy to make cream sauce with both swords

Adding fresh cream to a frying pan

Photo by Ryogo

This time, I made the sauce with both milk and fresh cream. Of course, you can make sauce with either one, but I think it’s easier to make cream sauce with both.

Milk alone makes it look like soup, and fresh cream alone makes it too chilly. If you are worried about how to make cream sauce, please try this method once.

Point 4: Heat until you feel comfortable

On the way to mix the pasta and sauce.The tongs are on the frying pan

Photo by Ryogo

Add the boiled pasta to the frying pan and it’s the finishing process. Mix while heating until the sauce is as mellow as you like.

By using milk and fresh cream, the change in sauce here is gentle and easy to understand. You will surely find it easier than usual.

How to serve the plate

Photo by Ryogo

After serving the pasta on a plate, top it with the sauce and ingredients left in the frying pan and sprinkle black pepper to finish.

You can check the detailed amount of this recipe from the button below or the summary column of the previous video, so please use it when making it at home.

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Photo by Ryogo

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