recipe "Shio Koji" escapes from the rut! 3 Idea Recipes for Scales from the Eyes[Fermented Seasoning Utilization Lesson]# 1

recipe “Shio Koji” escapes from the rut! 3 Idea Recipes for Scales from the Eyes[Fermented Seasoning Utilization Lesson]# 1

Writer : Rei Hattori

Registered dietitian

A registered dietitian who appeared on macaroni with Reiwa. In my private life, I live a free-spirited life with my personal partner. I am practicing every day so that I can play the ukulele well!

Eliminate the rut of fermented seasonings

Hello everyone. This is Hattori from the macaroni editorial department. In this project,How to eliminate the rut of fermented seasoningsWill be introduced in a serial format.

Fermented seasonings are seasonings such as salted jiuqu, miso, and soy sauce. It’s all the seasonings that are indispensable for cooking, which is the decisive factor for the taste.

However, if you cook every day, wouldn’t the usage of seasonings become one pattern …? I always use it in the same way, and I feel that I haven’t fully utilized the goodness of fermented seasonings.

For that reason, in the first installment of this project, we will introduce a recipe for eliminating the rut of “Shio Koji” that has recently fallen asleep at home!

Fermented food health adviser Masami Oyama taught me a recipe for eliminating rut using salted koji! All recipes are recommended because they can be easily made by taking advantage of the action of salted koji.

The fermented seasoning used this time is “salt koji”

Salted Jiuqu in a transparent bowl

Photo by rei hattori

Shio-jiuqu is a traditional Japanese seasoning that is fermented by adding water and salt to the koji. When the jiuqu is fermented, digestive enzymes work to break down the proteins and starch contained in the ingredients.

Therefore, if you soak salted koji with meat or fish, the texture will be softer and the taste will increase.

How to make the basic “Shio Koji”

You can use commercially available salted koji! You can buy it at supermarkets and grocery stores for less than 500 yen.

For those who want to enjoy the authentic taste, handmade is recommended.You can easily make it if you have Jiuqu, salt, and water.Unlike the ones on the market, you can adjust the saltiness and enjoy the texture of Jiuqu.

If you want to make it by hand, please see the related link below for details.

Efficacy of salt koji

In addition to softening ingredients and increasing umami, salted koji has many beneficial effects on health and beauty.

・ Prepare the intestinal environment
Jiuqu contains oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides are nutrients that feed intestinal bacteria. By adjusting the intestinal environment, you can expect the effect of relieving constipation and relieving physical and mental disorders.

・ Supports digestion and absorption
The power of enzymes produced by Jiuqu breaks down sugars and proteins contained in foodstuffs into a form that is easy to digest. There is also support to help digestion and absorption in the body.

・ Useful for beauty
By fermenting Jiuqu, it has the function of producing nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are also useful for cosmetology as they help prevent rough skin and normalize skin turnover.

On the other hand, just because you want to get a lot of the effects of Jiuqu, be careful not to take too much salted Jiuqu. The higher your intake, the higher the salt content, so be careful not to overuse it. (* 1,2,3,4,5)

Now, let’s introduce a recipe for eliminating rut using salted koji!

1. Carpaccio made with salted jiuqu

Sea bream carpaccio on a transparent plate

Photo by Anrichiko

(Cooking time: 10 minutes * Does not include soaking time)

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

・ Sashimi sea bream …… 1 fence (approx. 80g)
・ Salt Jiuqu …… 2/3 tablespoons
* 1 tablespoon is a guide for 100g of sashimi.
・ Kaiware daikon …… your favorite
・ Pink pepper …… your favorite

・ Olive oil …… 1 and 1/2 tablespoon
・ Lemon juice …… 2/3 teaspoon
・ Soy sauce …… 2/3 teaspoon
・ Garlic …… your favorite

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