recipe Saved more than 18,000! 6 selections of autumn taste "sweet potato recipe" by @rina _kitchen

recipe Saved more than 18,000! 6 selections of autumn taste “sweet potato recipe” by @rina _kitchen

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When it comes to cooking, I can’t stop talking! An amazing cooking idiot. I am a student aiming to be a registered dietitian (22 years old). Make it from what’s in the fridge! It’s not something special, but it makes me happy!Complimented recipes, easy savings … See more

“Sweet potato recipe” that you want to eat in autumn


Speaking of autumn, sweet potatoes! Sweet potatoes represent the taste of autumn, but when you think of variations in cooking methods and eating methods, you tend to turn them into roasted sweet potatoes or university potatoes, which tends to become a rut.

In my account (@rina _kitchen), who is also a culinary Instagrammer, I posted the theme “Make with what is in the refrigerator! It’s not special, but it’s appreciated! Complimented recipe. Easy saving rice.”

In this article, we will introduce 6 recipes that use sweet potatoes, from sweets to side dishes!

Detailed recipes are described in the post, so if you are interested, click the image! Please fly from the link in the image ♪

6. Cube sweet potato


Number of saved: 954

Sweet potato formed in the shape of a square cube. No fresh cream is used, and the ingredients are simple and easy to make, so it’s a sweet that’s perfect for your time at home. It’s a classic sweet potato, but if you make it square, you can meet another cuteness ♪

5. Sweet potato and fried tofu deli-style teriyaki


Number of saved: 3,143

A side dish of sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce entwined with crispy fried tofu and sweet potatoes. The sweet and sour taste is very popular with both children and adults! It can be used as a snack or side dish ♪

4. In the microwave!Deli-style sweet potato with cream


Number of saved: 3,312

Sweet potato salad, which is very popular in deli. It is a recipe that can be easily made in the microwave, and the arranging power is also outstanding. If you mix it with cream cheese, you can mix it with cream, and if you mix it with mayonnaise or oil, it turns into a salad! If you use maple syrup or honey, you can make sweets ♪

3. Salt maple syrup butter


Number of saved: 8,819

Sweets made by slowly grilling sweet potatoes cut into sticks and entwined with salt maple butter. A recipe that can be done with just one frying pan. The taste is a bit different from that of Daigakuimo, and the salt accent is addictive! I can’t stop eating.

2. Autumn sweet potato pork soup


Number of saved: 15,000

Over 15,000 saved!The very popular “Sweet potato pork soup” is a recipe that many people said “I made it!”. I just add sweet potatoes to my usual pork soup, but I’m impressed by the sweet potatoes that are covered with miso and oil.

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