recipe Rich variety ♪ 12 selections of "mozzarella cheese salad"

recipe Rich variety ♪ 12 selections of “mozzarella cheese salad”

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3 Caprese Recipe for Mozzarella Cheese

1. Familiar ♪ Italian Caprese

Caprese on a white oval plate

Photo by macaroni

A classic caprese recipe that uses tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Because it’s orthodox, let’s finish it with colorful arrangements ♪ It’s easy to make, so if you have trouble with the menu, you can make it quickly!

2. A little change ball.Japanese style caprese

Caprese of salted kelp in a transparent plate

Source:E ・ Recipe

A recipe for finishing Caprese in Japanese style. Perfect when you want to add a little change to your usual taste. Simply add salted kelp and perilla to make a Japanese-style caprese. It’s nice to be able to do it in one bowl. The taste is easy to get used to, so it is recommended as an item that you can eat immediately!

3. Add olives.Cocktail caprese

Cocktail caprese in a clear glass


Cocktail caprese that adds olives to the standard ingredients. Because it uses cherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella, it is a very cute dish with a rolling shape. Serve in a cocktail glass or a small bowl and you’re done! It can be used as an appetizer or a snack.

4 selections of mozzarella cheese arrangement salad recipes

4. Papa and Chinese style!Mozzarella bon bon chicken

Mozzarella bon bon chicken on a white plate

Photo by macaroni

Just put mozzarella cheese on the bon bon chicken! A delicious recipe with a surprising combination of mozzarella and Chinese food. Chicken breast is cooked in the microwave, so it’s completed in no time. It’s a salad with special sesame seeds and chopsticks.

5. The spiciness becomes addictive.Mozzarella wasabi oil salad

Mozzarella wasabi oil salad on a white plate

Source:E ・ Recipe

Avocado and mozzarella salad that is delicious just to mix. The spiciness of wasabi seems to be addictive! After cutting the ingredients, you can add them with handmade wasabi dressing. A side dish recipe recommended for adults that matches the main dish in both Western and Japanese styles.

6. It goes well with sake!Tomato and mozzarella with Zha cai

Mozzarella on a white square plate with Zha cai

Source:E ・ Recipe

A snack salad using mozzarella and zha cai. The salty taste of Zha cai, the richness of mozzarella, and the sourness of tomatoes match perfectly ♪ You can make it quickly with a few steps, so it’s perfect for snacks! If you have Zha cai, please give it a try.

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