recipe Reproduced at home! "Hiroeido Takeda" direct recipe Kibi dango recipe

recipe Reproduced at home! “Hiroeido Takeda” direct recipe Kibi dango recipe

Writer : Asami Kitayama


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You can make “kibi dango” with a chewy texture at home !?

Kibi dango on a wooden bowl

Photo by Shimada Kotaro

“Kibidango” is famous for the sweets that appear in the old tale Momotaro. In Okayama Prefecture, where it originated, it is loved as a standard souvenir. “Kouei Dotakeda”, the originator of such kibi dango, is a long-established store that has been making “kibi dango” since 1856.

This time, Mr. Koichi Takeda, Managing Director of Hiroeido Takeda, taught me a recipe for “Kibidango” that can be easily reproduced at home!

▼ Why did kibi dango become a specialty of Okayama?

Directly from the originator!”Kibidango” recipe that you can easily make at home

Kibi dango made with the recipe of

Photo by Asami Kitayama

This is a recipe made at home, which is directly transmitted by Mr. Hiroeido Takeda, the head of Kibi Dango. There are 5 items to prepare: water, sugar, rice cake flour, starch syrup, and potato starch. Because it is a very simple material, its unique chewy texture and elegant taste stand out.


・ Water …… 60cc (more than this is possible)
・ Sugar …… 80g
・ Mochi flour …… 40g
・ Syrup …… 20g
・ Potato starch …… Appropriate amount

Tools to use

・ Hand pot
・ Wooden rice scoop (heat-resistant kitchen scraper / rubber spatula is also acceptable)

How to make

1. Mix water and rice cake powder and heat

Mixing rice flour and water in a hand pan

Photo by Asami Kitayama

Put rice cake flour and water in a hand pan, heat it, and mix well with a rubber spatula.

2. Mix sugar and starch syrup and heat further

How to put starch syrup in a hand pan

Photo by Asami Kitayama

Add sugar and starch syrup to the place where it becomes sticky, and heat it with constant mixing so as not to burn it.

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