recipe Quickly make and warm your body ♪ "Bullet Train! Sea lettuce miso soup rice"[My grotesque meal Vol.2]

recipe Quickly make and warm your body ♪ “Bullet Train! Sea lettuce miso soup rice”[My grotesque meal Vol.2]

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If you’re eating alone, don’t look at it![Glossy rice]

Image of Moai Kasumi's grotesque rice

Photo by macaroni

The food is something you can taste with your eyes. For example, the excitement of a beautiful dish made by a French chef is one of the pleasures of eating. However, on the contrary, even a meal that looks like it cannot be seen by others is attractive. Rather, the faint feeling of guilt spices up and makes it more delicious.

It doesn’t matter if the color is bad, it can be a super-simple one that can be made in one step. Make it out of sight, just for yourself[Gross rice]. This time, it was the “OL chef” who is also active as a macaroni mate who introduced us to such a[gross meal]. What kind of meal is her grotesque rice, which is good at short-time cooking?

This time, I would like to introduce you to the grotesque meal …

A close-up of Kasumi Moai

Photo by Moai Kasumi

Moai Kasumi
OL cook / macaroni mate

He suffered from severe anemia in high school and realized the importance of food. Going from college to nutrition and getting a job at a major food maker. Engaged in menu / seasoning development and consulting sales for a wide range of formats, including restaurants at chain stores nationwide, the largest theme parks in Japan, and prepared foods at mass retailers. On the other hand, he distributes recipes on Instagram with the theme of “OL work meal”.

This is when you are hungry! “Bullet Train! Sea lettuce miso soup rice”

Completed photo of

Photo by Moai Kasumi

This is … miso soup rice that you can’t miss. On top is an egg and perhaps sea lettuce. When I was a student, I made it in front of my mother on the morning when I overslept, and I was often angry. It’s a lot better than the one I was eating, but it’s also a visual that doesn’t look good.

――What made you start eating this gloomy rice?

It’s a waste to leave the rice left over after eating all the side dishes, and it’s not tasteful to eat it alone. Therefore, I used to eat rice in miso soup from a young age. Look at the timing when there are no people nearby (laughs).

Since then, I still like miso soup rice.

――When are you eating?

When I’m busy in the morning or when I’m hungry, I’m tired and I don’t have the energy to cook, but I want to eat warm rice … I often eat it.

It can be done in a blink of an eye, warming the body with a single item, eating soup and rice together, and less washing. It’s all good.

――What do you like?

It’s easy to eat and easy to eat.

Miso soup, which has less solids and can be eaten by sipping, is more compatible with rice than miso soup, which is made from ingredients. This is the conclusion that I arrived at after eating miso soup rice for many years. So, when making miso soup rice, I first ate up the ingredients of miso soup and then added the rice.

This sea lettuce and egg miso soup does not have large solids in the first place, so it goes very well with the way of eating miso soup rice. First of all, if you sip it normally and eat it while entwining the yolk of the egg on the way, you can change the taste and enjoy it twice.

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