recipe Only two seasonings! "Simmered pumpkin that is complimented" made with anhydrous

recipe Only two seasonings! “Simmered pumpkin that is complimented” made with anhydrous

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“Simmered pumpkin” that is complimented by two seasonings and anhydrous cooking

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Hello everyone.

Today I would like to introduce you to the simmered pumpkin. This recipe is inherited from my mother and does not use water. It’s anhydrous, but it doesn’t have to be a special pot. Only two seasonings are used, and cooking is very easy.

Then, please have a recipe and how to make it.

Ingredients for simmered pumpkin

Raw pumpkin placed in a colander

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* Easy to make
・ Pumpkin …… 400g
・ Mirin …… 4 tablespoons
・ Dashi soup stock …… 1 tablespoon

How to make simmered pumpkin

1. Cut the material

Take the pumpkin seeds and cut into 4 cm squares.

2. Add mirin and simmer over low heat

Adding mirin to a pot containing pumpkin

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Place the pumpkin skin down on the bottom of the pot and sprinkle with mirin. Cover and simmer on very low heat for 30 minutes.

3. Add soup stock

Adding soup stock to pumpkin in a pot

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Add the soup stock and simmer for another 10 minutes, turn off the heat and let it cool.

Pumpkin boiled in a pot

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By slowly turning on the heat over low heat, it will not be dry and will have a moist finish without using water. It’s soggy, sweet and delicious.

“Simmered pumpkin” is the basis of Japanese food

Photo by biueseepmico

How was it? Boiled pumpkin is a simple dish, but it is also easy to understand how it is made.

I think that people who can cook basic Japanese food properly can cook any genre of food well. Please try the simmered pumpkin made with anhydrous water.

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