recipe Natto rice explorer teaches! The strongest "arranged natto rice" best 5

recipe Natto rice explorer teaches! The strongest “arranged natto rice” best 5

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Illustration of Opeko

Photo by Opeko

Natto rice explorer, Opeko
Lives in Kyoto and usually works as a home-visit bathing care provider. Every day I eat natto rice from the morning to gain stamina, and when I get home in Kuta Kuta, I eat natto rice in a large bowl and heal. Natto rice in our daily lives is just the food for living. Enjoying and tasting with all five senses.

Announcing the 5 best “arranged natto rice”!

[5th ​​place]Sliced ​​cheese natto rice

Sliced ​​cheese natto rice served in a bowl

Photo by Opeko

Sliced ​​cheese that happened to be the only one left. It is a dish that was completed with a quick idea that it might be delicious if it was made into a natto doria style.

Put sliced ​​cheese on rice and microwave. When the cheese melts properly, put the natto with the sauce on it. Sprinkle the green onions and black pepper and stir with a spoon to complete.

Melted cheese is often entwined with natto and is rich and delicious until the moment you swallow it... Sliced ​​cheese has low sugar content and is surprisingly hungry, so it may be recommended for people on a diet !?

[4th place]Tamagoyaki natto rice

Tamagoyaki natto rice served in a bowl

Photo by Opeko

Eggs and natto are a super-standard combination, but you can get a completely different impression by slightly changing the cooking method, cutting method, and serving method.

Even omelet isn’t just served on a plate.. Cut it into thin slices, arrange them neatly on top of the rice, and put the natto with the sauce on it to make it look a little luxurious and make you feel better.

Sprinkle a little salt and sesame oil on the rice to make it richer. Tamagoyaki is made only with salt, but you can season it to your liking.

[3rd place]Kuzushi tofu natto rice

Waste tofu natto rice served in a bowl

Photo by Opeko

When I was a kid, I ate cold tofu with chopsticks and put it on rice … I suddenly remembered that I mixed it with natto.Both are soybeans, so they go great together, and because they are simple, various seasonings and condiments match...

Add a little bit of mentsuyu, grated ginger, sesame oil, and rock salt to the natto with sauce, mix well, and add the tofu that has been scraped and mix it roughly. Put on rice, green onions and egg yolks, and finish with sesame and black pepper.

It is my style to gently crush the egg yolk and eat it with a spoon as it is without mixing.

I added grated ginger this time, but you can also add mustard, wasabi, shichimi and chili oil. It is also recommended to eat refreshingly with ponzu instead of sauce and mentsuyu.

[2nd place]Wiener Natto rice

Wiener natto rice served in a bowl

Photo by Opeko

A skinless wiener that is a staple of breakfast (my favorite is Itoham’s “Seriously delicious wiener”). Let’s fry it while making a lunch box and put it with natto rice to reduce the amount of washing.

I’ve always loved this combinationArranged natto rice on an iron plate that you won’t get tired of eating many times.. If you eat with Mayo beam and green onions as shown in the picture, your head will be clear. Power charge completed in the morning.

[No. 1]Tobiko Natto Rice

Tobiko natto rice served in a bowl

Photo by Opeko

Among me, the theory that “fish eggs are suitable for natto rice” has been proved (laughs), and this is my favorite. The natto rice, which has become fashionable with its bright red tobiko, is exciting and appetite just by looking at it.

The moment when the stickiness of natto, the moderate saltiness and bubble wrap are mixed in the mouth is fun and addictive... The sauce for natto is low. Please enjoy this deliciousness that you can’t taste with mentaiko or how much!

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