recipe Milk is a big success!How to make mushroom soup cream pasta

recipe Milk is a big success!How to make mushroom soup cream pasta

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I want to eat this autumn!Soup pasta with mushrooms

Photo by Ryogo

Hello, this is Ryogo. It’s finally November, and winter is approaching. In this article sent at this time, I would like to introduce how to make warm soup pasta. By using milk, you can make a light soup. The finish will be a bit different from the mellow and rich soup pasta made with fresh cream. You can enjoy the taste of mushrooms and bacon without missing them.

By the way, even if you replace milk with soy milk, you can eat it deliciously, so please use it as you like.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and how to make them!

Ingredients (for 1 person)

・ Pasta …… 80-100g
・ Bacon …… 25g
・ Shimeji mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms …… 50g in total
・ Garlic …… 1 piece
・ Olive oil …… 1 tablespoon
・ Milk …… 200ml
・ Consomme …… 2 teaspoons
・ Salt kelp …… 1 teaspoon
・ Butter …… 5g
・ Grated cheese …… 1 tablespoon
・ Black pepper …… Appropriate amount
・ Salt …… Appropriate amount

How to make

1. Transfer the scent of garlic to oil

Heating garlic in a frying pan

Photo by Ryogo

Put olive oil and crushed garlic in a frying pan and slowly transfer the aroma over low heat.

Be careful as it will be bitter if you burn it!

When the garlic has a nice brown color, take it out to another plate before it burns.

2. Fry the ingredients with umami oil

Stir-frying ingredients on the stove

Photo by Ryogo

Fry the bacon in oil with the scent of garlic. Add the browned mushrooms to the bacon and fry together.

3. Add milk

Pour milk into a frying pan

Photo by Ryogo

When the ingredients are cooked well, add the milk and the garlic you took out earlier. It’s OK to start boiling pasta at this time!

Don’t forget to add salt when boiling the pasta. As a guide, add about 1% salt to the hot water.

4. Season with consomme and salted kelp

The person who puts the consomme

Photo by Ryogo

Add consomme and salted kelp and boil over low heat.

One consomme for cube type and two teaspoons for granule type. As a secret ingredient, salted kelp should be about a pinch (1 teaspoon).

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