recipe Manga meat style!Meat rolls Eringi Tsukune

recipe Manga meat style!Meat rolls Eringi Tsukune

Manga meat style!Meat rolls Eringi Tsukune

40 minutes

Reproduce manga meat with bones? We will introduce the recipe and how to make “Eringi Tsukune” with a video. I used the king trumpet mushroom as a bone, attached the meat, and then rolled the pork belly and baked it. Does it look like manga meat? It’s a dish that looks great on a small party and you can eat even the bones!

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(For 3 people)

  • King trumpet
    1 pack
  • Aibiki meat
  • onion
    1/2 piece
  • a. Bread crumbs
    3 tbsp
  • a. Milk
    2 tbsp
  • a. Salt
    a little
  • a. Pepper
    a little
  • a. Nutmeg
    a little
  • a. Egg
    1 piece
  • Pork ribs (thin slices)
  • Starch
    Appropriate amount
  • Salad oil
    1/2 tablespoon
  • b. Sake
    2 tbsp
  • b. Mirin
    2 tbsp
  • b. Sugar
    1/2 tablespoon
  • b. Vinegar
    1 teaspoon
  • b. Soy sauce
    2 tbsp


・ King trumpet mushrooms are divided into 4 equal parts.
・ Chop the onion.
・ Bread crumbs are soaked in milk to make them soak.

How to make


Add the ground meat, chopped onions, and ingredients (a) to a bowl and knead well until sticky.

[How to make]Eringi Tsukune


Divide ① into 8 equal parts. Sprinkle the eringi with potato starch and wrap it around.


Wrap pork belly and sprinkle with potato starch.

[How to make]Eringi Tsukune


Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan, line up ③, turn it over and cover it with a lid, and steam it on low medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes.

[How to make]Eringi Tsukune


Wipe off excess oil with kitchen paper, add (b) and simmer to complete.

Tips and points

・ Please adjust the baking time according to the situation. Please steam it well and cook it to the inside.
・ If you sprinkle the eringi with potato starch and then add the meat, it will be difficult to peel off.

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