recipe macaroni Staff cooking relay # 8[Cold and hard-working editorial department O's "dull day" rice]

recipe macaroni Staff cooking relay # 8[Cold and hard-working editorial department O’s “dull day” rice]

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macaroni editorial department director in charge of living, food and drink / Oshio
My boom is to discover tea and food that I have never met at food festivals and Marche. I like my time at home, so it’s my daily routine to soak in the bathtub and listen to music while watching anime and movies. On my days off, I love taking walks, rumbling, and relaxing.

I want to work hard because it’s cold

Cold! It got really cold in November. Recently, I want to wrap myself in a futon and sleep all the time … I think every morning.

Suddenly, I’m very vulnerable to the cold. Somehow it gets cold. I’m not good at drying, so it’s already hard … So, lately, when I’m at home, I’m conscious of a “working” diet as much as possible, whether it’s a lazy day or a lazy day.

It sounds a little conscious, but let’s get proper nutrition even on a lazy day! I am doing it with a light consciousness. This time, I will show you a three-day lazy day menu that can be completed simply by stir-frying or throwing it in a pot. It’s simple and embarrassing, but please keep in touch (laughs)

1. Cold and “dull day” rice

There is a bowl of ingredients, a spoon, and water on the table.

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It’s a simple rice made by adding tofu to a soup that uses soy milk and the kimchi flavor of “nabe cube”.

I tried to reproduce the Sagamiya “Sundubu with plenty of soy milk” sold at supermarkets and convenience stores! If you’ve seen similar dishes, that’s it (laughs)

I loved “sundubu with plenty of soy milk” and used to buy it, but when I didn’t sell it at all for a while, I tried to make it myself … Oh, this is OK! I think that I make it occasionally.

It’s creamy, spicy, and warm after eating. It’s easy and surprisingly stuffy, so I often make it when I don’t want to do anything but want to warm up nicely.

Can be made with one pot

There is tofu and soy milk in the pot

Photo by macaroni

The only ingredients are unadjusted soymilk, pot cubes (spicy kimchi flavor), and tofu. The amount is appropriate, but for 1 or 2 people, I feel that halving the pot cube will make it a little thicker. I am particular about using smooth silk tofu for tofu.

The point when making it is to keep it on low heat at all times so that it does not boil. Mix occasionally to prevent the tofu from crumbled, and be careful not to burn the bottom or harden the soymilk.

Completed when the whole is cooked. This time I topped it with egg yolk and chopped green onions, but there are days when I combine it with cheese and sesame oil. If you’re not satisfied, we recommend making a simple risotto with the remaining soup!

2. “Dull day” rice that utilizes the leftovers of the pot

Yakitori rice bowl style and soup are placed on the table

Photo by macaroni

On the day when the two thoughts of “I don’t want to even go outside” and “I want to use it because the ingredients used in the pot are a little surplus”, I made yakitori rice bowl style, garland chrysanthemum and fried tofu soup.

The yakitori rice bowl style is seasoned with salted koji and yuzu pepper, so it is slightly spicy. The garland chrysanthemum and fried tofu soup uses white soup for a simple finish where you can feel the taste of the ingredients. The taste that is kind to the body permeates!

At first glance it may seem a little annoying, but it’s very easy to make.

Get a full-fledged taste in a short time

Chicken on top of a frying pan

Photo by macaroni

Place salted koji and yuzu pepper on the chicken thighs placed in a frying pan and knead them here. The amount is appropriate. This happened because I wanted to reduce the amount of washing (laughs)

Actually, it is better to leave it for a few hours and pickle it in salted jiuqu, but just baking it with salted jiuqu will make it softer to some extent and increase the taste, so add long onions and bake immediately. Since it uses a frying pan that does not stick easily, it is healthy without spreading oil.

The garland chrysanthemum and fried tofu soup is completed by adding white soup to water and simmering lightly.

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