recipe macaroni Staff cooking relay # 1[Super easy! Editorial department A's "Dull day" rice]

recipe macaroni Staff cooking relay # 1[Super easy! Editorial department A’s “Dull day” rice]

Writer : macaroni editorial department

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This project introduces the menu that macaroni staff will make on “dull days” in a relay format. For the first time, the dining table of editorial staff A, who has elementary school children, will be open to the public.

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macaroni editorial department editorial director Achako
He has been on a diet for many years, but when he sees delicious food in front of him, the stopper comes off at once. She lives with her husband, a son in fourth grade, and two sisters. The healing of the heart is the monthly camp and Ozeki / Takakeishō.

A says that he prepares dinner every morning when he cooks breakfast, but it seems that sometimes things don’t go as planned. On days when work is busy or the schedule is full, it seems that making dinner can be quite daunting. What are you doing in such a case?

“Dull day” that comes in the latter half of the week

I run out of power from Thursday to Friday, and making dinner can be very annoying. Of course, at such times, I eat out and use delivery, but there are days when even that seems tedious … (I can’t help it). Also, considering the nutritional aspects of growing children, it is decided that it is better to make it at home as much as possible.

Therefore, I have decided in advance what to cook on a “dull day” when I don’t want to eat out. So to speak, my trump menu. All of them can be made with the ingredients in your house.

“Dull day” standard rice of my home

Pork kimchi and side dishes, miso soup, rice placed on the table

Photo by aya fukuda

When these dishes are lined up on the table, my son says, “Mom, you’re tired today.” I’m out!Lol

・ Pork kimchi
・ Oyster sauce of warm lettuce
・ Shimeji and wakame miso soup
・ White rice
・ Cucumber pickled in bran

This is our “dull day” rice. “Pork kimchi” may become “stir-fried pork and bean sprouts (or green onions) with yuzu pepper”, but it looks like this. If you cook the rice, you can do it in 10 minutes!

Pork kimchi

Pork kimchi on the table

Photo by aya fukuda

Put sesame oil in a heated frying pan, add commercially available kimchi and fry quickly. Add more pork, and when the pork is cooked, add the noodle soup from the pot skin. Add salt and pepper to taste and you’re done.

You just fry kimchi and pork.Lol
I think that chopped pork and kimchi are standard ingredients that are found in the refrigerators of every house, so pork kimchi is a strong ally that you can make immediately when you are in trouble.

Actually, it’s better to add ginger and garlic to the aroma before frying kimchi and pork, but I don’t want to cut the condiments on “dull day”, so I’ll omit it.

Hot lettuce with oyster sauce

Oyster sauce of warm lettuce placed on the table

Photo by aya fukuda

Rinse a ball of lettuce with water and tear it into pieces by hand. Put the torn lettuce in a heat-resistant bowl without draining it and heat it in a 600W microwave oven for about 2 minutes. After removing the heat-resistant bowl from the microwave, sprinkle with oyster sauce.

Again, I just warmed it in the microwave and sprinkled it with sauce.Lol
You can boil it in a pot quickly, but it’s a hassle, so use the microwave! Since it uses oyster sauce, the rice goes on unexpectedly. By the way, soy sauce + sesame oil is also recommended instead of oyster sauce.

Shimeji and wakame miso soup

Shimeji mushroom and wakame seaweed miso soup placed on the table

Photo by aya fukuda

Divide the shimeji mushrooms into small bunches. Pour water into a pan, add granules, add shimeji mushrooms, and heat. On this day, there was a slice of onion in the freezer, so I put it in as well. When the shimeji mushrooms and onions are boiled, add dried wakame seaweed and turn off the heat. Mix in the miso and you’re done.

You can use any ingredients for miso soup, but when you think about the ingredients that you can easily cook without cutting, you came up with this combination. You should eat as much fiber as you can!

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