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recipe Look up! Tips on how to pack your lunch-Nokke Bento-[Sheng tips vol.3]


Writer : macaroni editorial department

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Staff appearing

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Photo by macaroni

Teacher (left)
macaroni cook / hamari @ hamaly_12

After working at a production company for advertising styling and providing recipes to companies, he went to macaroni. Macaroni’s culinary content is enriched with easy-to-use recipes that are not “outside” and styling that makes your heart lighter.

Person who shoots & reports (right)
macaroni photographer / Saneyan

Joined macaroni after working with photography in various fields such as advertising, news and magazines. The hood shooting is just like a portrait shooting, and the style of complimenting “It’s cute!”

I want to serve the Nokke valve neatly

The first in the “Mori Kotsu” series, which sends out the tips for serving, is a special lunch box! The first time we introduced how to serve “rice + side dishes” lunch box, and the second time we introduced how to serve “rice ball lunch box” before and after.

And the third and final episode is how to serve “Nokkeben”, which has become more popular in recent years. I thought it was just a matter of putting it on, but in fact there is a surprising trick !? Please stay with me until the end ♪

Bento side dishes lined up on a white tray

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

It is the same ingredient as the one used in the first and second times. What kind of lunch will you have this time?

The key word for excitement when opening the lid is “tightness”!

Here is an example of the failure of the promised report role, Saneyan.

Nokke valve with plenty of side dishes containing salmon

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan: Somehow, it’s not bad.But somethingOverall vagueI mean … I thought it would be okay, but is it different? Can’t see the goal …

Fit: That’s right.Something moreI want to make it feel “aggressive”right. How about something like this?

1. How to pack rice

Rice packed in a lunch box

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan:How much rice is it in the first place?

: It depends on the side dish,The amount of rice should be about 50-60% as a guide. Flatten it so that you can easily put side dishes on it later.I hide it with side dishes, but I have plenty of rice so I spread seaweed so that I don’t get tired of eating it.

2. How to pack the main side dish

Nokkeben in the middle of serving with salmon and fried chicken

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan:What is the cause of the vague phenomenon?

:The cause of the vagueness is probably the color cast, the large area of ​​the white rice, and the lack of a tight feeling.Wonder? In “Side dish + rice edition”, we used perilla as a partition for rice, but here, I added perilla as a color. It’s a nokkeben, so let’s serve grilled salmon in the middle!

Salmon, fried chicken, and side dishes stuffed in the middle of serving

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan:This time, the bottom is shallow with rice, but how should I pack the omelet in such a case?

: Even when the omelet is too thick to fit in, the omelet cut diagonally is very useful!Put plenty of side dishes so that the same colors are not next to each other and the space is not empty.I’m desperate if the white rice remains (laughs).

3. Add color with crushed plums and you’re done!

Nokkeben stuffed with salmon, fried chicken, and side dishes

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Fit: At the end, I put crushed plums on it. Even if there is a little space, the seaweed looks delicious, but when it’s tightly packed, it just gives a luxurious feeling. Even if it’s filled with pickled plums!

Saneyan: There is also such a method! I can’t afford to make a lot of side dishes every day, so this method doesn’t help. It’s okay if you don’t overdo it and prepare another side dish.


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