recipe Like a bouquet ♪ Decorate with vegetables "Flower Focaccia"
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recipe Like a bouquet ♪ Decorate with vegetables “Flower Focaccia”

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We are good at body-friendly rice that both adults and children can eat together! Posting of painful rice that imitated the whole menu is also popular ♪ I am struggling to raise my son (3 years old)!

Easy for children ♪ “Flower Focaccia”

Picking up a flower focaccia

Photo by rrrrriiiii

Today, I would like to introduce “Flower Focaccia”.

It’s easy to make, just prepare the focaccia dough and decorate it with vegetables as if it were a canvas. It’s very interesting to work together with parents and children ♪

A gorgeous flower focaccia that looks like a bouquet or bouquet. I made it with my son!

Flower focaccia recipe


Ingredients for flower focaccia

Photo by rrrrriiiii

・ Favorite focaccia dough
・ Favorite vegetables

Vegetables prepared by rrrrriiiii

Photo by rrrrriiiii

With colorful vegetables, it becomes colorful like a flower field, and it’s fun to serve it ♪

I prepared carrots, corn, zucchini, purple onions, cherry tomatoes, radishes, okra, paprika, chervil, shimeji mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and beets.

I made a flower focaccia

Ingredients for flower focaccia with rrrrriiiii's son

Photo by rrrrriiiii

The one on the right (* upper in the image above) is decorated by my son.

“Niko-chan is ready!” It seemed to be a lot of fun.

Flower focaccia with rrrrriiiii's son

Photo by rrrrriiiii

I will put more and more vegetables on it.

How to put more and more vegetables on the dough of Focaccia

Photo by rrrrriiiii

My son who raises the tension every time the number of vegetables on the fokacha increases. Finally I started to stab mushrooms (laughs).

Flower Focaccia most recently completed

Photo by rrrrriiiii

The left is me and the right is the flower focaccia made by my son.

My son, who is not good at green vegetables, brilliantly passed through and decorated the green vegetables.

Son of rrrrriiiii looking into the oven

Photo by rrrrriiiii

A son who looks into the oven and looks forward to the completion. Ask me many times, “It’s already burnt !? It’s already burnt !?”

As I continued to reply to my son’s rushing voice, it was finally completed.

Photo by rrrrriiiii

Cut into easy-to-eat sizes

A state in which the carved flower focaccia is wrapped in a wrap

Photo by rrrrriiiii

If you freeze it, you can eat it anytime. I’m glad that there are plenty of vegetables!

Flower focaccia decoration example


Decorated in Focaccia with the image of a famous picture book caterpillar. My son was overjoyed.


I had it with lemon carbonara and samgyetang.

Flower focaccia is fun to make and fun to watch!

A carved flower focaccia depicting a caterpillar

Photo by rrrrriiiii

Even if some of the vegetables you don’t like are prepared, your child may eat them if you decorate them yourself.

Please try to make it with your parents ♪

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