recipe Let's give truffles for Valentine's Day ♪ 20 recommended recipes

recipe Let’s give truffles for Valentine’s Day ♪ 20 recommended recipes

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For beginners!6 Easy Truffle Recipes

1. Mellow.Authentic truffle chocolate

Authentic truffle chocolate lined up on a white plate

Photo by macaroni

Simple truffle chocolate is one of the recipes you should remember. The key to creating a smooth texture is the temperature of the fresh cream. Be careful as it is easy to separate when boiled. For finishing, it is recommended to sprinkle powdered sugar or coconut powder instead of cocoa powder.

2. Moderate sweetness.Truffle with honey

Truffles with honey served in a brown bowl


A truffle recipe that adds sweetness with honey without the use of sugar. The sweetness can be adjusted according to the type of chocolate, so it is recommended for both adults and children. The rich sweetness spreads softly in your mouth. You can also use a hot water bath to warm the chocolate and fresh cream.

3. Lightly.Truffles with tofu

A state where tofu truffles are placed on a white net

Source:E ・ Recipe

Truffles that drain tofu and mix with chocolate are easier to finish than using fresh cream. The point is to make the tofu as smooth as possible. When made into a paste with a blender or food processor, it has a creamy taste that is not noticeable as tofu.

4. Crunchy!Corn flakes truffles

Corn flakes truffles in a square box


For those who find it difficult to mold truffles, we recommend a recipe that uses corn flakes. You don’t have to make a round shape because you can use the rough feeling of corn flakes as it is. Sprinkle with cocoa powder or powdered sugar to make it look even more beautiful.

5. Rich ♪ Cream cheese chocolate truffle

Cream cheese chocolate truffles served on pottery


A simple truffle recipe made with cocoa cream cookies and cream cheese. I’m glad that you can make it quickly with the ingredients you have at home. By crushing cookies and mixing them with cheese, you can enjoy a rich taste like cheesecake. Arrange the coated chocolate as you like.

6. 1 minute in the microwave.Matcha and white chocolate truffles

Matcha and white chocolate truffles lined up on a square plate


Easy truffles that can be made just by cooking in the microwave are perfect for beginners making sweets. Put the ingredients in a bowl and heat them, then roll them up and you’re done in no time. There is plenty of matcha inside and outside the truffle, and it is recommended as a gift for Japanese sweets.

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