recipe Just a little effort!Easy way to upgrade grilled tarako pasta

recipe Just a little effort!Easy way to upgrade grilled tarako pasta

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Are you satisfied with your usual tarako pasta?


Hello, this is Ryogo.

Immediately, the theme this time is “Tarako Pasta”. I think that many people like to eat pasta made with cod roe, which is familiar to Japanese people.

There are many ways to make such tarako pasta, but are you satisfied with just adding it in a bowl? In fact, you can enjoy a completely different taste with just a little effort.

In this article, we will introduce “Grilled Tarako Pasta,” which is a slightly modified version of Tarako Pasta. I will teach you how to make your usual tarako pasta a higher-grade finish without any difficulty.

First of all, please watch the explanation video below!

Cut the perilla after draining it.

Draining the perilla leaves

Photo by Ryogo

When you hear the topping of tarako pasta, I think some people think that the perilla leaves come to mind first.

Don’t just chop this perilla, but take some time. Wipe off the water with kitchen paper before chopping.

By doing this, you can prevent the perilla leaves from sticking to each other after chopping and create an airy appearance.

Peel the cod roe in advance

Cutting cod roe with a kitchen knife

Photo by Ryogo

For cod roe, take the amount used for topping and the amount used in the middle from one belly. If you want to use it on the way, use the back of the knife to peel it off.

Burn the butter and improve the flavor!

Heating the butter

Photo by Ryogo

Rather than entwining the butter normally, burn it in advance. This is the biggest point of this pasta!

Let’s heat it patiently until the butter turns brown. By doing this, you can enjoy a flavor that is a bit different from the usual butter.

Be careful when heating cod!

Heating cod roe while making charred butter

Photo by Ryogo

In the video, the cod roe for topping is heated in the empty space of the same frying pan while making butter, but be careful because the cod roe itself will bounce very much when heated with butter.

Heat it so that it doesn’t touch the butter, or heat it separately using a grilled fish.

In the video, while making charred butter, I also heated the cod roe for topping in the empty space of the frying pan, but be careful because the cod roe bounces very much.

Heat it carefully so that the cod roe does not touch the butter, or heat it separately using a grilled fish.

Quickly when the pasta is boiled

Scorched butter, tarako and pasta

Photo by Ryogo

When the pasta is boiled, quickly entangle it with the sauce. Use boiled juice to adjust the overall balance and finish.

Serving pasta on a plate

Photo by Ryogo

After serving on a plate, top with the chopped perilla, cod roe, and chopped seaweed to complete.

Let’s have it while it’s warm!

You can check the text version recipe of “Yakitarako Pasta” introduced this time from the summary column of the above video or the button below, so please refer to it as well.

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