recipe How to make the latest version of candy apple "#Crystal Pom". Can also be used to decorate cakes and trees ♪

recipe How to make the latest version of candy apple “#Crystal Pom”. Can also be used to decorate cakes and trees ♪

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The latest version of candy apple “#Crystal Pom”

Holding a crystal pom in hand

Photo by Sweets Creator Heidi @ sourire.n.15

Look, this transparent feeling and the brilliance of glitter … It’s the latest version of “#Crystal Pom”, which was conceived by sweets creator Heidi, called an apple candy!

A fashionable apple candy that is too cute. No wonder it’s been talked about on Instagram. In this article, the author, who is a pastry chef, will introduce in detail how to make and arrange.

Inventor: Sweets Creator Heidi

Sweets Creator Heidi @ sourire.n.15's profile picture

Photo by Sweets Creator Heidi @ sourire.n.15

Sweets creator / Heidi
After graduating from confectionery school, he trained at the pastry shop “Michel Bach” in Nishinomiya for about 10 years. I want to open a classroom where various people can enjoy themselves through food.

In June 2018, we opened the “Sweet Class Thrill Nature” where you can think about recipes from seasonal ingredients. We listen to the characteristics and feelings of ingredients from producers, including peach farmers in Okayama, and then provide safe and secure food in the confectionery class.

The reason for the birth of “Crystal Pom”

The cake is decorated with crystal poms

Photo by Sweets Creator Heidi @ sourire.n.15

“Crystal Pom” was made by Heidi at Christmas 2019, thinking “Can I use a princess apple as a decoration for a decoration cake?” When it comes to decorations, princess apples have a large volume and give a feeling of oppression to the decoration, so he was wondering if it could be a delicate and delicate decoration.

pomme means apple in French. The name comes from the idea that when you hold it over the light, it shines like a crystal and is beautiful.

How to make “Crystal Pom” (Cooking time: 2-3 hours)

Crystal pom is on the table

Photo by maa068

I tried to reproduce “Crystal Pom” based on Heidi’s recipe! Grab the points and tips and make it for snacks and cake decorations ♪


・ Apple (princess apple) …… Appropriate amount
* This time we use hard Jonagold

・ Granulated sugar …… Appropriate amount
・ Water …… Appropriate amount

・ Granulated sugar …… 370g
・ Water …… 150g

If you can’t get a princess apple, we recommend using a small, hard apple. Depending on the size and thickness of the slices, I could slice about 10 pieces with Jonagold!


1. Soak in sugar water to prevent discoloration

Apples soaked in sugar water

Photo by maa068

Make sugar water at a ratio of water 1: granulated sugar 0.5, and slice apples thinly with skin. Soak sliced ​​apples in sugar water to prevent discoloration.

The thinner the apples are sliced, the better they can be made. Make the thickness of the apples even so that the finish is not uneven.You can also use a slicer!

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