recipe How to make homemade "Amazake" by Fermented Food Health Advisor & 9 Recommended Recipes and Arrangements

recipe How to make homemade “Amazake” by Fermented Food Health Advisor & 9 Recommended Recipes and Arrangements

Writer : Masami Oyama

Fermented Food Health Advisor / Fermented Culture Person

Lives in Higashi Hiroshima City.For 15 years of miso making history, we held miso making workshops in parent and child circles in various parts of Hiroshima prefecture, and in December 2018, we held a miso making workshop in Hiroshima prefecture’s project “Hiroshima” Hito / Yume “Mirai Juku”.

Let’s start the amazake life!

Amazake in a bottle is placed on the tray

Photo by Anrichiko

Did you know that some amazake is made from sake lees and some is made from rice jiuqu and rice? Amazake made from sake lees has a fruity scent, but alcohol may remain. On the other hand, rice koji amazake is non-alcoholic and contains B vitamins, amino acids, etc., and is called “drinking drip”.

Since rice-jiuqu amazake can replenish both water and nutrition at the same time, the literature of the Edo period shows that amazake shops sell in the city in the summer. In recent years, amazake has been attracting attention due to the koji boom that started around 2011, and the number of people who drink it for their health is increasing. (* 1)

Drinking drip ♪ “Basic amazake recipe made with a rice cooker” (cooking time: 60 minutes, fermentation time: 6 hours)

Up of amazake in a bottle

Photo by Anrichiko

Recently, many types of amazake are sold at supermarkets. There are many types and prices are different, so many people may be confused about choosing one. You can easily make it at home as long as you have Jiuqu.

Some people use a yogurt maker to keep the amazake warm, but in this article, I will introduce a recipe using a rice cooker.

Ingredients (4-5 cups)

・ Rice Jiuqu (raw) …… 200g
・ Rice …… 1 go (150g)
・ Water …… 540cc + 360cc

Tips for making delicious without failing

Raw and dried types of rice jiuqu are sold. We recommend the raw type with strong fermenting power. You can make amazake with strong sweetness and flavor by using raw Jiuqu! Raw Jiuqu can be stored in the freezer, so you don’t have to use it up. You can buy it online, so please look for it on the shopping site.

In addition, the temperature of the heat retention mode differs depending on the model of the rice cooker. For models with two types of “high / low (eating)” modes, select the low heat retention mode.

When making with a yogurt maker, transfer all ingredients to the yogurt maker and keep them warm at 55-60 ° C for at least 6 hours.

How to make

1. Make porridge

Rice and water in the pot

Photo by Anrichiko

After sharpening the rice, put the rice and 540cc of water in the rice cooker and cook the rice in porridge mode.

2. Prepare the Jiuqu

It looks like the jiuqu in the bowl is being separated

Photo by Anrichiko

Put rice jiuqu in a sterilized bowl and loosen it into pieces.

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