recipe How many minutes of hot spring eggs do you like? Comparison of how to make "onsen tamago" and the finish

recipe How many minutes of hot spring eggs do you like? Comparison of how to make “onsen tamago” and the finish

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Can be made in a pot with a lid.Basic hot spring egg

Pour soup stock into a bowl containing hot spring eggs

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Make hot spring eggs in a pot with a lid. You can easily make a thick hot spring egg without a thermometer. The heat retention of the pot you are using and the finish of the hot spring eggs differ slightly depending on the room temperature, so make several times until you get the hot spring eggs you like.


・ Eggs …… 2-3 pieces
・ Pot with lid


・ Remove the eggs from the refrigerator and leave them for about 30 minutes to bring them to room temperature.

How to make

1. Boil hot water in a pot

Thick pot boiling water

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Put 1L of water in a pan and heat it. When it boils, turn off the heat.

2. Add water and add eggs

Putting an egg on a ladle into a pot

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Add 200cc of water to the pot to lower the temperature of the hot water. Place eggs one by one on the ladle and slowly put them in the pot.

3. Cover and leave

Pot with a lid

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Cover and leave for about 12 minutes.Please adjust the time according to the room temperature and the heat retention of the pot.

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