recipe Hot and warm body ♪ 4 selections of happy gratin recipes in the cold season

recipe Hot and warm body ♪ 4 selections of happy gratin recipes in the cold season

Writer : yuukitohikari

Rice that children will be happy to make for their daughter. A side dish that goes well with rice, made for her husband. A snack that goes well with sake. Introducing recipes to eat deliciously with standard ingredients.

Gratin that can also be used for winter event rice

The hot gratin is finally coming to the winter season when I miss hot dishes, and I want to eat it asexually. A plate that takes a little effort is perfect for winter event meals. Why don’t you surround the hot gratin with your family this year when the number of home-cooked meals is increasing?

If you add vegetables, you can get a good nutritional balance in one plate, which is great for children. From simple macaroni gratin, we will also introduce recipes that are perfect for Xmas.

1. Simple royal road!Spinach and bacon macaroni gratin

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First of all, from the macaroni gratin, the royal road of gratin. As for the ingredients, I chose spinach and bacon, which are compatible with stir-fried foods.

Adding grated cheese to the white sauce will increase the richness and give a richer finish.

Ingredients (1 dish)

・ Macaroni …… 40g → Boil and drain
・ Spinach …… 2 strains → After exposing to water, cut into 3 cm width
・ Bacon slice …… 50g → Cut into easy-to-eat width
・ Shimeji …… 1/2 stock → Drop stones and divide into small bunches
・ Granule consomme …… 1/2 teaspoon
・ Butter (1) …… 5g
・ Butter (2) …… 10g
・ Cake flour …… 1 tablespoon
・ Milk …… 160cc
・ Grated cheese …… 20g
・ Pizza cheese …… 80g

How to make

1.Melt butter (1) in a frying pan warmed on medium heat, add spinach, bacon and shimeji mushrooms, fry quickly and turn off the heat.

2. Make white sauce.

Put butter (2) in a frying pan warmed over low heat, and when it’s about half melted, add the cake flour. Fry slowly while mixing with a spatula, and when the butter and flour are familiar, add 1/2 amount of milk and set to medium heat. Use a whipper to mix well and heat. When thickened, add the remaining milk and heat in the same way.When thickened, add granule consomme and grated cheese and add salt to taste.

3.2To1And macaroni, mix and serve on a bakeware.Place cheese for pizza from above and bake in an oven toaster until browned.

2. Easy with fresh cream!Plenty of corn mashed potato gratin

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Don’t make white sauce, just sprinkle with fresh cream and bake! It’s very easy.

The mashed potatoes, corn and bacon ingredients are sure to please children. You can use loin ham instead of bacon.

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

・ Potatoes …… 2 pieces → Peel and cut into bite-sized pieces
・ Bacon slice …… 50g → Cut into bite-sized pieces
・ Canned corn …… About 3 spoons
・ Pizza cheese …… Appropriate amount
・ Fresh cream …… 80cc
・ Salt …… Slightly
A butter …… 10g
A salt …… 1/4 teaspoon
A Black pepper …… Slightly

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