recipe Fermentation Meister Natsuki Tanaka's direct story!How to make regular vegetables of okra and natto soy sauce
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recipe Fermentation Meister Natsuki Tanaka’s direct story!How to make regular vegetables of okra and natto soy sauce

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Okra and natto soy sauce

A regular dish that is irresistible for fermentation lovers. This is a recipe that I came up with when I had a little extra koji. Adding raw Jiuqu gives it a natural sweetness and mellow flavor. If you want to make it sweeter, you can try increasing the amount of Jiuqu.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

・ Okra: 5

・ Natto: 1/2 pack (about 20g)

・ Raw Jiuqu: 30g

・ Soy sauce: 150 ml

How to make

1. For okra, rub salt (outside the amount) to remove fine downy hair, wash with water, and cut into pieces about 5 mm wide.

2. Put 1 and natto and raw jiuqu in a bowl and mix them roughly.

3. Put 2 in a storage bottle, pour soy sauce and store in the refrigerator.


・ Because the storage bottle is filled with soy sauce, choose a size that fits the ingredients.
・ If you mix it about once a day, the raw Jiuqu will become familiar and delicious after a week.
・ If you want to eat immediately, you can use raw Jiuqu, and if you want to eat it after leaving it for about a week, you can use dried Jiuqu.


It goes well with simple dishes such as cold tofu condiments, rice ball ingredients, and steamed vegetable batter. Please, try it.

Natsuki Tanaka

Natsuki Tanaka

In 2011, when I got sick, I met apple yeast. Qualified for fasting and fermentation in 2012. 2015 Natsuki Tanaka Fermentation Exhibition “Fermentation-Spring Urara-“, a fusion of fermentation and art, is held. In the same year, the fermented food workshop “Natsuki’s HaCcOoo Lab” started. Based in Tokyo and Nagoya, he continues to convey the fundamental charm of fermentation. In recent years, in addition to reconstruction activities for endangered fermented foods and Tokoname ware, he has also produced companies such as CALPIS / LEXUS and fermented pubs. Homepage / Instagram

Last updated: 2020.06.10

Sentence / Photo: Natsuki Tanaka Supervision: Natsuki Tanaka, Kagome


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