recipe Excellent compatibility! 13 recommended recipes made with "tomato" and "mackerel can"

recipe Excellent compatibility! 13 recommended recipes made with “tomato” and “mackerel can”

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My sons are independent and are looking for ways to spend their days with their husband and daughter (M Dax) in a delicious and enjoyable way ♪ Specializing in time-saving recipes cultivated during the working mother era. I also love tableware and cooking appliances!

4 recipes for[simmered]with mackerel cans and tomatoes

1. Easy aqua pazza!Stewed mackerel cans with tomatoes

Mackerel cans, tomatoes and broccoli stewed in tomatoes in a white plate

Photo by macaroni

With mackerel cans and tomato cans, you can easily make aqua pazza-style stewed dishes. Only salt and pepper are seasoned. If you add herbs such as thyme and bay leaf, it will become a full-fledged Italian. It goes perfectly with red wine as well as white wine.

2. Serve with baguette ♪ Mackerel can and beans boiled in tomato

Skillet with canned mackerel and boiled beans in tomato


Combining canned mackerel with miso and canned tomatoes gives the tomatoes a soft sourness and a mellow taste. Seasoning is consomme only. Recipes made with regular ingredients are recommended for the outdoors. Please enjoy with baguette.

3. Rice goes on.Boiled mackerel and potatoes in tomato

Mackerel cans and potatoes boiled in tomatoes on a yellow plate


An exquisite recipe in which the umami of mackerel cans and the sourness of tomatoes soak into the fluffy potatoes. It is an Italian-style simmered dish with a rich taste that the rice goes on. If you put melted cheese on it, you can enjoy a different taste. Perfect as a side dish for lunch.

4. Make in the microwave.Mackerel can and cheese tomato stew

Soup plate with mackerel can and cheese tomato stew with basil


How about a tomato stew made from mackerel cans? Add fresh tomatoes to the canned tomatoes to make a stew with plenty of tomato flavor. Since it is cooked only in the microwave, it is easy to clean up afterwards. If you add bread, it will be a hearty menu.

3 recipes for[baked / stir-fried]with mackerel cans and tomatoes

5. Thick and thick.Grilled mackerel and tomato with Western-style cheese

Grilled mackerel miso cans in a white bakeware with cheese


You can easily make a grilled dish menu by adding a little effort to a can of mackerel miso. The combination of miso and cheese is excellent, and the rich mackerel miso gratin is completed. The rich taste is perfect not only for side dishes of rice, but also for beer and wine snacks.

6. Time saving Chinese food.Mapo tofu with mackerel cans and tomato cans

White plate of mackerel canned mapo tofu topped with mizuna


How about making a new kind of mapo tofu with mackerel cans? Mackerel cans that can be eaten with bones are also nutritious. By adjusting the amount of doubanjiang, your child will be happy with the tomato-flavored mapo tofu. It is recommended to put it on rice and make it into a mapo bowl.

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