recipe Enjoy winter vegetables!"Turnip pickled in vinegar" that is pickled in half a day Yuzu flavor

recipe Enjoy winter vegetables!”Turnip pickled in vinegar” that is pickled in half a day Yuzu flavor

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Yuzu scented “Turnip pickled in vinegar” (cooking time: 15 minutes)

Pickled turnips on a brown square plate

Photo by taki

* Does not include soaking time.

“Turnip pickles” made with the seasonings at home. Just add a little yuzu peel and you’ll get a more refined taste. Cut the turnip into a comb shape and it looks beautiful. Just soak it for half a day and you’ll have a gorgeous garnish on the table. Please give it a try.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

A helmet on a white bat and a seasoning on a wooden tray

Photo by taki

・ Turnip …… 2 pieces
・ Yuzu peel …… Appropriate amount
・ Salt …… 1 and 1/2 teaspoon
・ Sugar …… 2 tablespoons
・ Grain vinegar …… 2 tablespoons

The point of pickling deliciously and quickly

・ Turnips should be salted. Moisturizing makes it easier to add flavor.
・ When putting it in a plastic bag, let’s deflate it well so that the turnip is soaked in the seasoning liquid. It makes it easier for the taste to soak in.
・ Mix the seasoning liquid until the salt dissolves. If the salt is not dissolved, the taste will be light.

Preparation of turnip

Cut turnip on a white bat

Photo by taki

Cut the leaf part and the root part of the turnip. Cut the root part, leaving a little stem. The leaf part is not used in this recipe.

Cleaning the roots of turnips soaked in water

Photo by taki

Soak the roots of the turnip in water to remove dirt. The soil between the stems is easy to remove with a toothpick.

Peeled turnip

Photo by taki

Remove the buttocks of the turnip a little, and then peel it off with a kitchen knife. Peel off the part near the stem.

Turnip soaked in water in a clear bowl

Photo by taki

Cut the turnips into combs and soak them in water again. Also at this time, use a toothpick to remove the soil between the stems.

Turnip with salt fir in a clear bowl

Photo by taki

Remove the dirt from the turnips with extra salt (1 teaspoon as a guide) and salt. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse off the water and salt and let it drain. This completes the preparation of the turnip!

How to make

1. Cut the yuzu peel

Shredded yuzu peel on a cutting board

Photo by taki

Thoroughly wash the yuzu and scrape the skin. Shave off the white part on the inside as much as possible. The rest is OK if you cut it into julienne.

* Please use the amount of yuzu peel you like.

2. Mix the seasoning liquid

Seasoning liquid in a transparent bowl

Photo by taki

Put all the salt, sugar and grain vinegar in a bowl and mix well. Please mix so that there is no undissolved salt.

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