recipe Easy without shrimp.Ebisen shumai

recipe Easy without shrimp.Ebisen shumai

Easy without shrimp.Ebisen shumai

half an hour

We will introduce the recipe and how to make “Ebisen Shumai” with a video. I made shumai using shrimp crackers instead of shrimp. A fragrant scent like shrimp spreads throughout your mouth. No pretreatment is required, so you can easily make it without any hassle. It’s a perfect dish for dinner as well as a side dish for lunch.

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(15 to 16 pieces)

  • Minced chicken
  • Shrimp rice cracker
  • Hanpen
    1 sheet
  • onion
    1/4 piece
  • Pepper
    a little
  • Shumai skin
    15 sheets
  • lettuce
    2-3 sheets
  • Corn can
    Appropriate amount


・ Chop the onion.
・ Tear the lettuce by hand.

How to make


Put the shrimp in a zippered storage bag, beat it with a rolling pin, and crush it into small pieces.

[How to make]Ebisen shumai


Put the hanpen in the bowl and crush it with a fork.

[How to make]Ebisen shumai


① Add onions, minced chicken and pepper and mix well.

[How to make]Ebisen shumai


Wrap it in shumai skin and put corn on it.

[How to make]Ebisen shumai


Place it on a bakeware covered with lettuce, wrap it softly, and heat it in a microwave oven at 600 W for 5 minutes.

[How to make]Ebisen shumai


Take it out and you’re done. Enjoy it with soy sauce if you like.

Tips and points

・ Adjust the heating time of the microwave according to the situation.
・ It is delicious even if it is made from minced pork.

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