recipe Easy to do! Tips on how to pack your lunch-Onigiri-[Sheng tips vol.2]

recipe Easy to do! Tips on how to pack your lunch-Onigiri-[Sheng tips vol.2]

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macaroni cook / hamari @ hamaly_12

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Joined macaroni after working with photography in various fields such as advertising, news and magazines. The hood shooting is just like a portrait shooting, and the style of complimenting “It’s cute!”

I want to serve rice ball lunch boxes neatly

The first in the “Mori Kotsu” series, which sends out the tips for serving, is a special lunch box! In the first session, we introduced how to serve “rice + side dishes” lunch boxes before and after. And the second time, how to serve the “rice ball lunch” that everyone loves! Please pay attention to the dramatic before and after ♪

Bento side dishes lined up on a white tray

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

It is the same ingredient as the previous “Rice + Side Dish Edition”. The grilled salmon is used as an ingredient for rice balls, so it is not visible when serving. Not bad …

The point is to match the size of the rice balls and use the corners of the lunch box!

As usual, first of all, from the failure example of Saneyan’s work, which is the role of the report.

Bento with two rice balls

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan:The trouble with rice ball lunch isRice balls are not the same size,The top of the rice ball is squishy (because of that, the tomatoes roll in the lunch box),Side dishes cannot be packed in a well-balanced mannerSuch……. It’s a little regrettable finish.

Fit: Certainly this will cause the tomatoes to roll (laughs). I packed it like this!

1. How to pack rice balls

First of all, make rice balls that are held in the same size

Rice in a glass bowl

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan:I’m planning to hold the same amount of rice, but when it’s completed, the size will be different … (laughs).

: It’s a little troublesome to weigh rice with a scale, but if you put about the same amount of rice in the same container, the size of the rice balls will be the same! If you lay a wrap, your hands will not get dirty when you hold it, so the next work will be smooth. Make a slight depression in the middle and stuff it with ingredients.

Two rice balls packed in a lunch box

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan: What is it like with just the right grip?

: It’s delicious that it crumbles when you eat it, so the trick is not to put too much effort into it. Also, it is important to hold the rice while it is hot so that the inside does not become hard when it gets cold.

How to packIf you arrange them so that they stand diagonally, it will be easier to pack other side dishes.

2. How to pack the main side dish

Two rice balls and frilled lettuce packed in a lunch box

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan:Wow, this won’t make the rice balls squishy! Unlike rice, I don’t want rice balls to have a different taste …

: Before packing the side dishesI added leafy vegetables that prevent the taste from transferring and also add color.Frilled lettuce makes your lunch box gorgeous at once, so it is recommended to use it for a lunch box on a special occasion.

Two rice balls and side dishes packed in a lunch box

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan:When green comes in, the lunch box becomes brighter at once! The presence of frilled lettuce is also wonderful. What are the points when arranging side dishes?

:When you make rice balls, there is plenty of rice, so I think you should use the corners of your lunch box to pack a lot of side dishes.Onigiri bento often has a distorted space, so I cut the omelet diagonally and layered it. Just cut it diagonally and it will make you look a little more professional, so please give it a try.

3. Serve with side dishes and complete!

Onigiri bento with fried chicken and omelet

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Fit:After that, stuff the side dishes tightly and complete! This time too, I’m using the side dish cup of the cooking sheet that I introduced in the first installment. Arrange them in a well-balanced manner so that similar colors are not next to each other.

Saneyan: The space is evenly filled and looks good, and I don’t have to worry about the tomatoes rolling (laughs). The side dishes and rice balls fit neatly without being buried, so this seems to be easy to eat!

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