recipe Do you know that it's oily?12 cooking tips and recommended recipes

recipe Do you know that it’s oily?12 cooking tips and recommended recipes

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My sons are independent and are looking for ways to spend their days with their husband and daughter (M Dax) in a delicious and enjoyable way ♪ Specializing in time-saving recipes cultivated during the working mother era. I also love tableware and cooking appliances!

What kind of fish is oily?

Caper and white fish in a frying pan

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“Karei” are lined up in supermarkets throughout the year, but the season and eating method differ depending on the type. The oil flounder, which is in season from autumn to winter, is a white fish with “small scales,” “thin skin,” and “soft bones.” Among them, as the name suggests, it is “rich in fat”.

It sounds like an unfamiliar fish when you hear that it’s oily, but it’s surprisingly familiar. For example, “Engawa”, which is often seen in conveyor belt sushi, often uses this Abra curry. The catch in Japan is small, but the imported ones are in a fillet state and sold at supermarkets, so it is very easy to use.

Recommended way to eat

Oilfish is imported from the United States and Canada and sold as fillets. It’s cheap, so it’s a nice point that it’s easy on your wallet.

When heated, the fat tends to cause the body to crumble.flyOrFried chickenEtc. are recommended!BoiledOrMeuniereThe trick is to use foil or parchment paper, or to cook in a short time.

1. Plenty of umami!Sleet boiled flatfish

An oval plate containing sleet sleet of flatfish sprinkled with trefoil


Why don’t you take the time to enjoy the taste of the restaurant at home? Sleet sleet is a sleet sleet that is fried once to add richness to the broth with a gentle taste. A dish with plenty of umami that can prevent it from collapsing. It goes great with sake!

2. Moist and juicy.Steamed Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage

A black plate with steamed Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage


If you place the flatfish on top of the Chinese cabbage and steam it, the Chinese cabbage will absorb the excess fat. Only seasoned soy sauce and dashi stock. It’s delicious even if you bind it with water-soluble potato starch and put it on rice ♪ Recommended for sake squeezing!

3. Does not boil.Boiled flatfish in the microwave

White plate with boiled flatfish

Photo by macaroni

If the oil is boiled for a long time, the fat will flow out and melt. If you use the microwave oven, the moist simmering is completed! The trick to making it well is to steam it without removing the plastic wrap until the heat is removed from the microwave. It’s cooked with residual heat, so you can finish it without getting dry.

4. Herb scent ♪ Meuniere sauce

A white plate of Meuniere sauce with herb curry sauce


Sprinkle with a spicy curry-flavored sauce and a simple Meuniere will taste like a restaurant. The scent of herbs promotes white wine. The point is to use strong powder for the batter. It has a crunchy texture and prevents the flatfish from collapsing.

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