recipe Discover a new frontier of Gapao Rice! "Old Thailand Iidabashi store" Tips for making style Gapao rice

recipe Discover a new frontier of Gapao Rice! “Old Thailand Iidabashi store” Tips for making style Gapao rice

Writer : Johnny


In addition to being a freelance photographer, I work as a writer and editor. With a diet centered on curry and set meals, every day I go to Daikanyama “Suezen”.

Exploring Gapao at a rental Gapao shop

Gapao Rice from Old Thailand Iidabashi

Photo by johnny

Last time, we visited “Krung Siam Nakameguro store” as the first store to explore Gapao and introduced how to make Gapao rice by a Thai chef. (Https:// This series is about eating various Gapao rice and gathering the deliciousness to make the ultimate Gapao rice, but it is only helpful from the first store!

This time, I visited the popular Thai restaurant “Old Thailand Iidabashi” in Iidabashi to look for further improvements. However, on the day of the interview, it was discovered that there was something, and the second store to explore Gapao was in danger of collapsing the project …!? We talked to a Thai chef this time as well.

Authentic Thai restaurant “Old Thailand Iidabashi”

Exterior of Old Thailand Iidabashi store

Photo by joohnny

2 minutes walk from Iidabashi station. The store is located on the second floor of a multi-tenant building, a lively area lined with restaurants. It’s lively and crowded with office workers and students regardless of lunch or dinner time, and it feels like authentic Thailand.

Inside view of Old Thailand Iidabashi store

Photo by johnny

There are 43 seats in total. In addition to table seats, there are counter seats, so even one person can easily enter. With the exotic interior decoration, you can enjoy the feeling of traveling to Thailand.

It is operated by SUU SUU CHAIYOO Co., Ltd., which operates Thai restaurants all over Tokyo. Old Thailand is also an affiliate of Krungsiam.

Directly from a Thai chef with a track record in 5 star hotels!

Thai chef holding Gapao rice in his hand

Photo by johnny

The interviewee was a chef who had a background of working at a restaurant in a 5-star hotel in Thailand. It seems that he read the previous article, but he said, “Because there is a manual for an affiliated store, the method of making it is the same as that of Krungsiam.”

I thought that the stories I could hear were almost the same, but this time I got surprising information about “how to eat”! I will introduce the points of how to make it different from Krung Siam.

Seasoning sauce that brings out the umami

Nampula, Sea You Dam and Seasoning Sauce

Photo by johnny

From the left, Nampula, Sea You Dam, Seasoning Sauce

The recipes are manualized at affiliated stores, so the seasonings used are exactly the same as Krungsiam. In the interview in the previous article, I heard that the key points are the sweet and salty light-mouthed sea-yu-dam with sugar and the dark-mouthed sea-yu-dam with sweetness like black honey. , I got a different answer.

It seems that the seasoning sauce is served on a small plate

Photo by johnny

That is the seasoning sauce here. At first glance, it is the same as the light-mouthed Sea You Dam, but when you lick it, it has a characteristic mellow taste and sweetness. If you compare it with Japanese seasonings, is it similar to Tamari soy sauce? In Thailand, I hear that “Ajinomoto” adds umami, but it seems that this seasoning sauce alone will add umami enough.

After all, it is important to cook quickly over high heat!

It seems that Gapao rice is served

Photo by johnny

I visited the kitchen to see the cooking scenery at this shop as well, but after all, the speed from the start of frying to the serving is overwhelming …! Just like Krung Siam, it was fried on high heat.

At other Thai restaurants, all the ingredients are stir-fried in advance, and after the order is placed, they are re-stir-fried and seasoned to finish. However, SUU SUU CHAIYOO Co., Ltd. does not make it, and it is very important to start stir-frying the ingredients after the order is placed.

Authentic Thai style little addition “Nampula”

Nam pla with lemon and chopped pepper

Photo by johnny

When I tried to eat freshly made food, he introduced me that “All Thai people eat this!”, A seasoning containing cut lemon and chopped pepper in this nam pla.

For those who don’t like the unique scent of Nampula, I think it’s a little …, but the refreshing scent of cut lemon also makes me wonder about the scent itself.

It seems that Gapao rice is nam pla

Photo by johnny

I tried it as the chef said, “I like to fried eggs and mix them with soft-boiled yolks to make them look like sauce.”

This is a new frontier for Gapao Rice! !! !!

The mellow yolk and the umami contained in the nam pla, the sourness of the lemon and the spiciness of the pepper are super exquisite. The salt and pepper savory fried egg was eaten with an unusual amount of black pepper on the fried egg of Gapao rice, but I thought I would definitely imitate it.

Surprisingly, Gapao Rice seems to go well with Thai food such as Pad Thai and Thai salad, and surprisingly fried chicken! It was a new taste experience for the author.

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