recipe Delicious without lye! How to make "spinach cream boiled"

recipe Delicious without lye! How to make “spinach cream boiled”

Writer : Sasaki Maiko

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Children can eat it too! Spinach in cream (cooking time: 20 minutes)

Spinach cream boiled in a bowl

Photo by Maiko Sasaki

It is a recipe that is completed simply by cutting the ingredients, frying, and simmering with fresh cream. Spinach can be eaten with a good taste by thoroughly removing the lye. With the umami of bacon and the mild flavor of fresh cream, it is a dish that even children who dislike spinach will definitely eat.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

Spinach cream boiled ingredients lined up on the table

Photo by Maiko Sasaki

・ Spinach …… 200g
・ Bacon …… 70g
・ Onion …… 1 piece
・ Cream …… 100cc
・ Butter …… 20g
・ Consomme …… 1 piece
・ Salt …… Slightly
・ Sugar …… 1 teaspoon (for removing lye)

Tips for making delicious

Firmly remove the lye

Bitterness, harshness, and a rough texture on the tongue are often cited as reasons why children are not good at spinach. These causes are due to lye. Therefore, by pulling out the lye firmly, the texture will improve and it will be easier for children to eat.

I think that many people add salt to boiling water when removing lye, but it is also recommended to add a teaspoon of sugar. The moisturizing effect of sugar makes spinach fresh and enhances the effect of removing lye.

To further reduce the bitterness, take it in cold water and then expose it to water again. If you have time, it is recommended to leave it for about 10 minutes.

Cut spinach into small pieces

In addition to bitterness and texture, long fibers remain in the mouth, which is one of the reasons why children are not good at spinach.

With the jaws of children who are still small and weak, it is hard to just chew. The point is that it is easier to eat if you cut it smaller than your child’s mouth.

We also recommend these ingredients!

Bacon is used in the recipe I will introduce, but chicken, wieners, salmon, etc. also go well with spinach! It is also recommended to add sweet corn to the toppings. Please try it with various ingredients.

How to make

1. Remove spinach lye

Boil spinach in a large pot

Photo by Maiko Sasaki

Put water in a large pot, add sugar when it boils, and add spinach from the root. Boil until the whole is soft and soft.

Cooling boiled spinach with ice water

Photo by Maiko Sasaki

Take the boiled spinach in plenty of ice water and cool the whole. When it cools down, replace the water and expose it to water again.

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