recipe Crispy texture is addictive!12 popular recipes for soybean sprouts

recipe Crispy texture is addictive!12 popular recipes for soybean sprouts

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Classic popularity!4 Soybean Sprouts Namul Recipe

1. Spicy and addictive.Soybean sprout namul

Namul of bean sprouts on a square blue plate


A spicy soybean sprout namul with doubanjiang. All you have to do is heat the bean sprouts in the microwave and mix them, so you can easily make them when you want more items such as snacks and chopsticks rest! Please adjust the amount of doubanjiang to your liking.

2. Miso and rich horse!Namul of soybean sprouts and scissors

Namul of bean sprouts in a white container

Photo by macaroni

Namul of soybean sprouts and scissors that can be made in the microwave. The rich taste of miso and mentsuyu goes well with rice. The scent of garlic and sesame oil is irresistible. It’s perfect as a topping for snacks and noodles, so it’s convenient to keep it.

3. Refreshing ♪ Soybean sprouts and cherry tomato namul

Soybean sprouts and cherry tomatoes in a glass bowl


Namul is a soybean sprout that brightens the table with the red color of cherry tomatoes. By adding a can of chicken breast, it will be finished with plenty of umami. The refreshing scent of ginger is also an accent. Please cool it down and enjoy it ♪

4. Nampula scent.Ethnic namul

Ethnic namul of soybean sprouts on a black plate

Source:E ・ Recipe

Namul is a soybean sprout seasoned with nam pla, which is irresistible for ethnic lovers. The refreshing seasoning with the addition of vinegar is delicious enough to stretch your hands. If you like coriander, please try making it with plenty of it ♪

It warms up from inside the body.4 Soybean Sprouts Soup Recipes

5. Plenty of umami!Bowser-style soup

Bowser-style soup in a red bowl


A bowser-style soup that warms your body. The soybean sprouts have an accent on the soup, which has a gentle taste with plenty of vegetable umami. It’s a satisfying dish that contains beef and eggs and can be used as a side dish.

6. Easy and easy.Korean-style soybean sprouts soup

Bean sprouts soup in a white bowl


A lightly seasoned Korean-style soup. The ingredients are simple, with only soybean sprouts and green onions, but the umami of kelp tea and the texture of soybean sprouts make you feel satisfied. The gentle taste is perfect for when you don’t have an appetite or for a rich dish.

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