recipe Check it out if you get cold easily!6 recipes with ginger as the main character

recipe Check it out if you get cold easily!6 recipes with ginger as the main character

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Ginger recipe makes your body warm!

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Hello. I’m a macaroni cook who loves ginger. The temperature is getting colder, and it’s the season when warm food is delicious. What are the ingredients that warm your body? When asked, many people think of “ginger” first.

I usually love “ginger” so much that I eat ginger pickled in vinegar instead of a snack! In this article, I will introduce a recipe that uses plenty of ginger ♪ Not only those who like ginger but also those who are worried about coldness should check it out.

Why does ginger warm your body?

Sliced ​​ginger is placed on a wooden desk

Ginger has various merits such as appetite promotion and bactericidal action, but many people have the image that “eating warms the body”. Let’s see why ginger warms the body.

The pungent ingredient “gingerol” contained in raw ginger changes to “shogaol” when heated.GingerolExpands blood vessels to promote blood flowTherefore, it is an ingredient that helps warm the limbs.On the other hand, trans-6-shogaolStimulates the gastrointestinal tract to promote blood circulation and produce heatIt has an effect. If you have a low body temperature, it is recommended to heat the ginger.

Taking ginger to warm your body will help prevent it from getting cold. In addition, dried ginger helps prevent headaches and diarrhea caused by cold. (* 1, 2)

1. Recommended for breakfast.Honey ginger jam

Honey ginger jam in a glass jar is smeared on French bread

Photo by macaroni

Cooking time: 15 minutes

“Honey ginger jam” made by grated ginger. The pungent ingredient of ginger, which has the effect of warming the body, is abundant near the skin. Grate the whole skin and use it without waste. Once you heat the ginger in the microwave, the spiciness will be suppressed. You can also use it as ginger tea by dissolving it in hot water ♪ (* 3)

2. Rice is good!Plenty of ginger sprinkle

Spooning ginger sprinkle on a small white plate

Photo by macaroni

Cooking time: 10 minutes

It is a “ginger sprinkle” that is used by chopping about 1 piece of ginger. A dish made by stir-frying ginger and onions and boiling them in a sweet and spicy sauce. The spicy ginger is addictive. Thanks to the appetite-promoting effect of ginger, rice will go on ♪ (* 1)

3. For drinking at home.Dry ginger ale syrup

A glass of ginger ale decorated with lime

Photo by macaroni

Cooking time: 20 minutes

“Homemade ginger ale syrup” that uses 200g of ginger and plenty. Add cinnamon, which has the same warming effect as ginger. On cold days, it is recommended to warm it up with hot water. (* 1, 4)

4. It goes well with egg-shaped rice!Refreshing ginger who

It seems that ginger is sprinkled on the egg-shaped rice in a black bowl.

Photo by macaroni

Cooking time: 15 minutes

A refreshing sauce that uses plenty of chopped ginger. Let’s finish it with vinegar and soy sauce as a base so that it goes well with egg-shaped rice. Thanks to the scent of sesame oil, the response to eating will improve. It is a dish that can be used not only for rice, but also as a dressing or shabu-shabu sauce.

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