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recipe Celebrate Christmas!Golden panettone


Celebrate Christmas!Golden panettone

300 minutes

Italian luxury sweet bread. We will introduce the recipe and how to make “Golden Panettone” with a video. Panettone that can be eaten at Christmas in Italy. A luxurious sweet bread made by kneading fruits such as raisins and oranges into a golden dough. The authentic recipe using Panettone Mother is characterized by its moist and smooth dough.

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(2 pieces)

  • Strong powder (golden yacht)
  • Millet sugar
  • salt
  • Panettone mother
  • milk
  • egg yolk
  • egg
  • Fermented butter (unsalted butter)
  • Filling

    • Raisins (San Muscat)
    • Lemon peel
    • Orange peel
    • Grand Marnier
      2 teaspoons
  • Finish

    • Shredded butter (unsalted butter)
      a little
    • Drawn butter (unsalted butter)
      Appropriate amount


・ Rinse the raisins with lukewarm water, drain them well, and combine them with orange peel, lemon peel, and Grand Marnier.
・ Return the butter to room temperature.
・ Preheat the oven to 190 ℃ according to the timing of baking the bread.

How to make


Put strong flour, cane sugar and salt in a bowl and mix them together. Make a hollow in the center, add milk, eggs and yeast and mix well with a scraper.

[How to make]Golden Panettone


When they are all together, take them out on a table and knead them until the dough is smooth. When it becomes smooth, rub in thinly sliced ​​butter and knead well for about 15 to 20 minutes.

[How to make]Golden Panettone


Stretch a part of the dough and knead it when a thin film is formed.

[How to make]Golden Panettone


Spread the dough, divide the fruit into several pieces and mix them so that they fold.

[How to make]Golden Panettone


When the dough is mixed evenly, roll it up and put it in a bowl, wrap it in a warm place at about 30 ° C, and ferment it for 90 to 120 minutes. When the dough doubles, the primary fermentation is complete.

[How to make]Golden Panettone


Remove the dough on a floured table. Divide it into two equal parts, roll it up nicely, cover it with a tightly wrung wet cloth, and take a 20-minute bench time.

[How to make]Golden Panettone


With the stitches facing up, flatten while degassing with the palm of your hand, and collect the dough in the center to make it round. Turn it over and pull the dough by hand to make a taut circle, and put it in the panettone cup with the seams facing down.

[How to make]Golden Panettone


Secondary fermentation takes about 60 to 90 minutes in a warm place at about 35 ° C. Fermentation is complete when the dough swells to the height of the mold.

[How to make]Golden Panettone


Put a cross-shaped coup on the top and put a strip of butter on the notch of the coup.

[How to make]Golden Panettone


Place in an oven preheated to 190 ° C, reset to 170 ° C and bake for 30-35 minutes. Immediately after baking, melt the surface and apply butter to complete.

[How to make]Golden Panettone

Tips and points

・ Adjust the baking time according to the oven.
・ You can leave the dough to the home bakery.

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