recipe Can you make stew without milk?Recommended substitutes and 4 popular recipes

recipe Can you make stew without milk?Recommended substitutes and 4 popular recipes

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Can I make stew without milk?

Cream stew in a white bowl

Have you ever thought about making a stew but inadvertently forgot to buy milk? In fact, you can make delicious stew without milk! In this article, we will introduce ingredients that can be used instead of milk.

Milk substitute

Cream stew and wooden spoon placed on red and plaid napkins


You can make a stew with just water instead of milk! It has a smooth texture, but you can enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients. Please stir-fry well before simmering so that the ingredients are not dull.

Soy milk

I think there are many people who usually use soy milk as a substitute for milk. It has a lighter taste than milk, but it is a creamy and mellow stew. Be careful of the heating temperature, as soymilk will separate when boiled.


It’s a little surprising, but you can use yogurt instead of milk. The stew with yogurt has a refreshing and refreshing taste. Low-fat and non-fat yogurt lacks richness and is too light, so when adding it to stew, we recommend plain yogurt with no ingredients and no sugar.


By crushing tofu to make it smooth, it can be used as a substitute for milk. The light and gentle taste goes well with the Japanese-style seasoning. It is recommended to use silk tofu rather than cotton tofu for a smooth finish.

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