recipe By the way, I don't know! Tips on how to pack a bento-rice + side dishes-[Sheng tips vol.1]

recipe By the way, I don’t know! Tips on how to pack a bento-rice + side dishes-[Sheng tips vol.1]

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Teacher (left)
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After working at a production company for advertising styling and providing recipes to companies, he went to macaroni. Macaroni’s culinary content is enriched with easy-to-use recipes that are not “outside” and styling that makes your heart lighter.

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Joined macaroni after working with photography in various fields such as advertising, news and magazines. The hood shooting is just like a portrait shooting, and the style of complimenting “It’s cute!”

“Tips for serving just what you wanted to know” will be serialized!

“I wish there was an article that would tell me more about how to arrange food and how to decorate the seasons.” This project was born from a little chat between the two. I will tell you the tips “I just wanted to know” that are not included in the recipe procedure in a series ♪

The first theme is “I don’t know by the way! Tips on how to pack lunch-rice + side dishes-“. Even with the same menu, you can make a makeover with just one serving !? I will teach you how to pack a “delicious” bento that looks good!

Learn in 3 steps!How to pack your lunch

Bento side dishes lined up on a white tray

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

This time, with the image of “a universal lunch box every day,” we have procured mainly Japanese ingredients at supermarkets. Using these ingredients, we will finish a fashionable “rice + side dish” lunch while solving the problem of “there is a lunch” ♪

The point to show a good balance is how to pack rice!

Then, from the lunch box (failure example) packed by Saneyan, I am reporting.

Bento with plenty of side dishes with salmon

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan: I always worryThe omelet stands upright every time,A mysterious space where voluminous side dishes sinkIt is (crying). It’s cute to show the cross section of the omelet, but it’s unavoidably upright because there is no space, and if you think about it, the side dishes that have no hijiki or height are buried, and yet the fish is empty! How can the side dishes look more delicious?

Fit: Hmmmm. Then I will teach you how to solve such a problem.

1. How to pack rice

Lunch box filled with rice

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan: Maybe there is a different way to serve rice …?

:so! Actually, there are some tips.When rice is piled up diagonally like a slide, not only can you give a three-dimensional effect to the side dish, but you can also use the space of the side dish widely.I want you to try it from. If you use perilla as a partition with side dishes, you can eat it as it is, and it will be more gorgeous!

2. How to pack side dishes

Bento in the middle of serving

Photo by Kaori Saneshige

Saneyan: I’ve only served rice straight. How can we make each side dish stand out?

:The trick to packing in a well-balanced manner is to serve side dishes with a large area.If you stack flat side dishes like omelet in two layers, you can put a lot of them, and the yellow color of the egg will stand out and the overall impression of the lunch box will be brighter. The salmon are horizontally long, so place them with the intention of showing the most voluminous area. You don’t have to overdo it to show them all.

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