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recipe A writer living in Nagoya teaches!Easy authentic spicy Taiwan mixed soba


Writer : Anrichiko

I am researching fashionable rice that makes my daily life a little happy. We are conscious of intestinal activity with fermented foods and preserved foods.

The decisive factor is the pungent sauce! Authentic Taiwan Mazesoba (cooking time: 15 minutes)

Taiwan mixed soba served in a white bowl

Photo by anrichiko

Taiwanese mixed soba with a combination of spicy minced meat and Chinese chive. It is the most spicy dish of Nagoya food with a strong taste. Please use the easy-to-make sardine sauce (La Rojan) to recreate the authentic Taiwanese mazesoba at home.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

Ingredients for Taiwanese mazesoba placed on a colander

Photo by anrichiko

・ Chinese noodles (thick noodles) …… 2 balls
・ Sesame oil …… 1 teaspoon
・ Salt …… Slightly
・ Leek …… 20cm
・ Egg yolk …… 2 pieces
・ Tenkasu …… Appropriate amount
・ Nori …… Half-cut
・ Leek …… 2

Pungency sauce

・ Minced pork …… 300g
・ Gochujang …… 1 tablespoon
・ Doubanjiang …… 2 tablespoons
・ Soy sauce …… 1 tablespoon
・ Sugar …… 1 teaspoon
・ Garlic …… 1 piece
・ Pepper (powder) or cayenne pepper …… 2 tablespoons

Tips for making delicious

The finish feels spicy even according to the amount, but if you want more spiciness, please adjust with chili oil. In addition to the above, we also recommend bean sprouts, mizuna, and grated garlic.

How to make

1. Cut the material

Nori, green onions, leeks on a wooden board

Photo by anrichiko

Cut the green onions into small pieces, and cut the leek and seaweed into colored paper.

Chopped garlic on a wooden board

Photo by anrichiko

Finely chop the garlic.

2. Make pungent sauce

Minced pork in a frying pan

Photo by anrichiko

Fry the minced pork in a frying pan without oiling.

Minced pork, chili and garlic fried in a frying pan

Photo by anrichiko

Add pepper and garlic and fry.

Minced pork, gochujang and doubanjiang fried in a frying pan

Photo by anrichiko

When the color of the meat changes, add gochujang and doubanjiang and fry.

Minced pork and seasonings in a frying pan

Photo by anrichiko

Add soy sauce and sugar to adjust the taste. The pungent sauce is ready. Keep it in the refrigerator for 1 week to 10 days. It is convenient to make a large amount and store it frozen. In the case of frozen storage, about one month is a guide.


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