recipe 4 side dishes in 40 minutes! Weekend recipe # 19

recipe 4 side dishes in 40 minutes! Weekend recipe # 19

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Even if you are not good at cooking, you will definitely improve your cooking! With the motto, we send delicious and colorful rice that can be made by working together on Instagram, YouTube, blobs, etc.

The dining table becomes gorgeous!Pre-made side dishes

Menu utilizing pre-made

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When you are busy, the colors of the dining table and lunch boxes tend to be plain. In such a case, it is convenient to make the table gorgeous. Just take it out of the fridge and add it, and it will be one of the main dishes and lunch boxes!

That’s why this time too, I will introduce a pre-made recipe that can make 4 dishes in 40 minutes.

We have made a video of cooking, so please take a look here as well ▼

4 recipes that can be used for weekend making

1. Paprika meat stuffing

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It looks like a flower and is cute even if you put it in your lunch box! Sprinkle potato starch on the inside of the paprika, as the seeds tend to come off during baking.


・ Paprika …… 3-4 pieces
・ Grinded meat …… 250g
・ Onions …… 1/2
・ Bread crumbs …… 3 tablespoons
・ Milk …… 2 tablespoons
・ Egg …… 1 piece
・ Salt and pepper, nutmeg … a little
・ Potato starch …… Slightly
・ Paprika …… 3-4 pieces

How to make

1. Finely chop the onion and put it in a bowl

2. Put bread crumbs and milk in a bowl of onions and soak, then add ground meat, eggs, salt and pepper, and nutmeg and knead.

3. Cut off the calyx of paprika, hollow out the cotton and sprinkle with potato starch.

Four. Pack the seeds tightly in the paprika and cut into round slices (pack firmly so that there are no gaps)

Five. Apply oil (outside the amount) to the frying panFourBake and make a grill on the front and back.Cover with aluminum foil etc. and heat to the inside to complete

* I eat with ketchup.It ’s delicious to eat with melted cheese.

2. Asparagus and prosciutto salad

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A delicious side dish just by mixing prosciutto and microwave-heated asparagus with seasonings! It is also good for snacks.


・ Asparagus …… 8
・ Prosciutto …… 100g
・ Grated cheese …… 1 tablespoon
・ Olive oil …… 1 tablespoon
・ Pepper …… Slightly

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