Rebellion … honestly about the exclusive Zombie Army 4 Epic Games Store

Rebellion … honestly about the exclusive Zombie Army 4 Epic Games Store

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The answer is … money, "lots of money", according to representatives from Rebellion Developments.

Just a short time after Jason Kingsley, co-founder of game developer UK Rebellion Developments, said "there must be super legitimate reasons to release exclusive games on Epic Games Store", at E3 2019, the project Next is its Zombie Army 4: Dead War announced will … launch exclusively on Epic Games Store for PC within a year.

At the Developers conference: Brighton took place last week, Jason and Chris Kingsley revealed the reasons for this change of decision. Specifically, Jason thinks he doesn't like the exclusive game release deal, but he understands why Epic does this and "they (Epic) are willing to pay exorbitant prices just to build their stores." As a developer who needs financial security, Rebellion is certainly not foolish and doesn't take that opportunity.

Jason also suggested that Epic's proactive approach to Rebellion was completely out of the box. He knew that Epic was and was actively acquiring exclusive game release rights, but of course Rebellion had not received any offers at the time. Jason thinks it's because Epic scolds big games, so (Epic) considers it Zombie Army 4 is a great product that fits the Epic Games Store "standard" is a big surprise and a small reward for Rebellion.

Jason also made clear that it is only a small part of the deal between the firm and Epic, in which Epic is also willing to cooperate and support the game development process.

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