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Reasons for your hearing loss and prevention

The older you are, the more likely your hearing ability is to decline, so if you go to health checkups when you are young, sometimes your doctor will try hearing sometimes. An estimated 14% of people aged 45 to 64 will have hearing problems, which will be 30% for people over 65 years old. Here are a few notes when you are called by a doctor to have a hearing examination.

There are a lot of reasons that our ears are getting worse, listed, there are also a lot of things like:

Whether or not your hearing ability levels are problematic, according to the WHO spreadsheet below, it is often divided into 3 levels of speech that are small at 30 decibels (dB), say both 60 dB and say loudly at 81 dB or more. The hearing ear's ears can hear up to -15dB, while hearing more than 85 dB can lead to permanent hearing damage.

If you listen to the congratulations, congratulations and hope you still keep the same level, and if you have problems like the last two lines, it is very calm and not panic. Your doctor will advise you on an ENT examination and from there you can learn how to treat it appropriately, such as wearing hearing aids to hear better.

In the end, it is a better, better-than-curative sentence, you need to pay more attention to the sound environment around you, or simply pay more attention to the habit of listening to music accordingly. At current phones, there are warnings if turning on the volume is too big, it is also a good way to prevent it. Also with the sound environment around us can also use a specialized meter to check, or to find the iWatch on OS6 with the function of noise measurement is also a reference is fine.

Wishing you healthy, good hearing .


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