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Reason not to buy Nokia N9

Nokia just unveiled its N9 smartphone yesterday (June 21). This is considered a “flagship” smartphone of Nokia and is the first device to operate on MeeGo operating system. However, why not buy Nokia N9?

Reason not to buy Nokia N9

The creation of the N9 is arguably one of the best jobs Nokia has done so far.

They are equipped with a 3.9-inch AMOLED display screen (854×480 resolution), made from scratch-resistant curved glass, without buttons on the phone, wrapped in a high-quality plastic case. . Products equipped with 8MP camera and the ability to communicate near (NFC).

However, the hardware is not a problem of the N9 but the software. The product works on the latest version of MeeGo.

The operating system was jointly developed by Nokia and Intel as a counter against Apple’s iPhone and Android warriors. But the problem is that MeeGo is obsolete even before the N9 is marketed.

Earlier this year, Nokia realized that it was standing on a “The platform is on fire”. Symbian and MeeGo – Nokia’s two operating systems are too expensive to maintain and they have many years behind other competitors in terms of design and usability. The new CEO of Nokia realized this and decided to shake hands with Microsoft. They will use Windows Phone 7 on their top smartphones.

The first Nokia phones to run on Windows Phone 7 will be launched later this year while Symbian and MeeGo phones will be phased out gradually in the coming months (or dropped into the list of low-cost phones. ).

Therefore, if users really want to buy a Nokia phone, they should probably wait until the end of this year to buy one of the Nokia Windows Phone 7 models.


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